how will it be at Christmas? Latest predictions

how will it be at Christmas? Latest predictions
how will it be at Christmas? Latest predictions

How will the next one be Christmas 2021 with the Delta variant? A few days ago, it was the virologist Pregliasco who talked about Christmas lunches to be done on Skype or zoom to avoid a new spread of covid-19 and postpone the celebrations to 2022.

What will Christmas 2021 be like with the covid-19 pandemic?

The Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, who is a guest on the “105 Kaos” program broadcast on Radio 105 he clarified that if there are no new variations and strange things do not happen next Christmas, we can celebrate in freedom. Go ahead, therefore, to Christmas and New Year’s lunches and dinners with relatives but first we need to see if new variations will arrive in these two months:

“We still risk variants that can be generated on our national soil or be imported, then we still have to figure out how many third doses we should do. Let’s go step by step ”.

The Green Pass is also very important, which will be valid at least until 31 December, not to mention that by December we should also reach the famous 90% vaccine rate and at that point the minor restrictions will be taken into consideration. Regarding the arrival of new variants, the reference is certainly to the Delta Plus variant, which is already circulating in Great Britain and the first cases have also been found in Italy and other countries including Israel and Denmark. Currently, however, there are no particular fears in this regard.

The pandemic will continue in 2022 according to theWorld Health Organization

Meanwhile, according to theWorld Health Organization, the covid-19 pandemic will also drag on into 2022, this is because in some countries such as Africa, only 5% of the population has been vaccinated and it is likely that this will cause a lengthening of the pandemic: “We really need to accelerate or do you know a What? This pandemic will go on for a year longer than necessary, ”WHO said, stressing the importance of acting as soon as possible.

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Christmas Latest predictions

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