Made in Italy food is worth over 500 billion euros

The food supply chain Italian has a precious value for the national economy: beyond 500 billion euros in 2021, with a + 7% compared to the previous year.

The Made in Italy at the table, which brings together the activities of farmers and operators of industries and large-scale distribution, is growing more and more. How much is it worth? All the economic numbers of Italian production in the agri-food sector in Coldiretti data.

The wealth of Made in Italy food in numbers

The agri-food chain vale 575 billion euros in 2021, thus becoming a precious and exclusive wealth of the national GDP (it represents a quarter of its value).

Coldiretti, in the context of Tuttofood at the Milan Fair, confirmed the exceptional economic value of the production of Italian food, which includes agriculture, industry, large-scale distribution, catering.

Specifically, these are the numbers of the success of our local agri-food, increasingly recognizable and appreciated:

  • 4 million workers employed in the supply chain;
  • 740 thousand farms;
  • 70 thousand food industries;
  • over 330 thousand restaurant businesses;
  • 230 thousand retail outlets

Not only that, Coldiretti stressed that Italy can boast “EU leadership in biological with 80 thousand operators, the largest number of recognized Dop / Igp / Stg specialties (316), 526 Dop / Igp wines and 5,266 traditional food products and with Campagna Amica the widest network of farmers’ direct sales markets. “

The nation also stands out in Europe for the top spot in rice production, durum wheat and wine and many greens and vegetables typical of the Mediterranean diet, as well as fruit such as apples, pears, kiwis, chestnuts.

To make it really profitable for traders and for the Made in Italy and the national economy this supply chain also points to projects financed with the PNRR. Improving transit routes for food exports, for example, is crucial.

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