Infections at work, Inail: “Cala impact virus”

In 2020, the average incidence of complaints on the total was 1 every 4. Since January, however, 1 every 12. Since the beginning of the health emergency, 42.5% of cases registered in the North-West, in Sicily 3.2 %

ROME – Between January and September, the average incidence of new Coronavirus infections on the total number of complaints received by Inail dropped to one in 12. Last year it was triple that. Almost 182 thousand cases have been reported to the Institute since the beginning of the pandemic, an increase of 0.9% compared to the previous monthly monitoring.

The 20th national report of the Inail Statistical Actuarial Consultancy on Covid-19 workplace infections, published yesterday together with the new regional in-depth sheets, notes a significant decline in the impact of the virus in the first nine months of this year. If in 2020, in fact, the average incidence of new Coronavirus complaints on the total of accidents at work reported to the Institute was one in four, between January and September it dropped to one in 12. In the same period, the incidence of deaths caused by the virus on the total of fatal cases also decreased, which went from about one in three complaints in 2020 to one in five this year.
2021, with 33,610 professional-origin infections reported, currently accounts for 18.5% of the total accidents from Covid-19 that have occurred since the beginning of the pandemic. Compared to the first nine months of 2020, in particular, the cases of contagion detected between January and September of this year, although not consolidated, are down by 40%, the fatal ones by 43.4%.

Covid-19 infections of occupational origin reported to the Institute since the beginning of the pandemic at the date of last September 30th there are 181,636. Compared to the 179,992 cases recorded by the monitoring of the previous month, the more complaints are 1,644 (+ 0.9%), of which 596 referring to September and 331 to August 2021. The other 717 cases refer to 57% of the other months of this year and the remaining 43% by 2020. The consolidation of the data makes it possible to acquire information not available in the surveys and in the previous months.

The deaths are 762, 15 more than the monthly monitoring at the end of August and concentrated above all in 2020, which collects almost three quarters (72.6%) of all fatal cases from contagion reported to Inail as of last September 30, with April (194 deceased) and March (140) in the first two places . 2021, with 209 deaths from Covid-19 in the first nine months, currently accounts for 27.4% of the total number of fatal cases from the new Coronavirus received by the Institute since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mostly men (82.9%) and workers aged 50-64 (71.8%) die., with an average age of the deceased of 58.5 years (57 for women, 59 for men). By extending the analysis to all infections of occupational origin, the average age of the infected falls to 46 years for both sexes, with 42.5% of reports in the 50-64 age group, 36.6% in the 35 age group. -49 years, 18.9% among the under 35 and 2% among the over 64, and the relationship between genders is reversed. The female share, in fact, is equal to 68.4% and exceeds that of males in all regions, with the sole exceptions of Calabria, Sicily and Campania, where the incidence of female workers on the total of infections in the workplace is, respectively , by 48.5%, 46.0% and 44.3%.

86.4% of the complaints concern Italian workers, a percentage that rises to 90.7% for fatal cases. Among foreigners, the communities most affected are the Romanian (with 20.9% of foreign workers infected), Peruvian (12.6%), Albanian (8.1%), Moldovan (4.6%) and Ecuadorian ( 4.1%). As for fatal cases, however, with 15.5% of deaths occurring to foreigners, the Peruvian community precedes the Albanian (12.7%) and Romanian (8.5%).

At the territorial level, 42.5% of complaints are concentrated in the North-West (Lombardy first with 25.2%), followed by the North-East with 24.6% (Veneto 10.6%), by the Center with 15.3% (Lazio 6.7%), by the South with 12.8% (Campania 5.9%) and by the Islands with 4.8% (Sicily 3.2%). The provinces with the highest number of infections at work since the beginning of the health emergency are Milan (9.6%), Turin (6.9%), Rome (5.3%), Naples (4.0%), Brescia, Verona and Varese (2.5% each), Genoa (2.4%) and Bologna (2.3%).

Taking into consideration only the last month of the survey, the province that recorded the highest number of infections of professional origin is that of Rome, followed by Milan, Naples, Palermo, Potenza, Catania, Monza and Brianza, Turin and Savona. The provinces that recorded the greatest percentage increases compared to the August survey, not for infections that occurred in September but for the consolidation of data in previous months, are however those of Trapani (+ 8.6%), Ragusa (+ 5.5%), Potenza (+ 4.8%), Agrigento (+ 4.3%), Syracuse (+ 4.2%), Vibo Valentia (+ 3.8%), Bologna and Catania (+3, 7% for both).

With 37.0% of reported deaths (Lombardy first with 25.3%), the North-West also holds the negative record for the number of fatal cases. Followed by the South with 25.7% (Campania 12.9%), the Center with 17.9% (Lazio 10.6%), the North-East with 12.7% (Emilia Romagna 6.4%). ) and the Islands with 6.7% (Sicily 5.6%).

In comparison with the overall figure of workplace infections reported to Inail since the beginning of the pandemic, a higher share is observed in the South for fatal cases (25.7% against 12.8% found in total complaints) and a lower incidence in the North-East (12.7% compared to 24.6%). The provinces with the most deaths are Rome and Naples (with 7.7% each), Milan (6.7%), Bergamo (6.6%), Brescia and Turin (4.1% each), Cremona (2 , 5%), Genoa (2.4%), Bari and Caserta (2.2% each), Palermo and Parma (2.1% each).

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