Gilles Rocca, is again in love with Miriam Galanti: “It could not end”

Gilles Rocca does not mince his words and has shown it several times throughout his career. Always direct and straightforward, he has never hidden, moreover, his deep love for his partner, the actress Miriam Galanti. Between them, however, there have been moments of profound crisis, kept in great secrecy despite someone trying to take advantage of it.

Gilles Rocca and Miriam Galanti, farewell during the summer

To admit the removal, Gilles Rocca himself, who through a long post on Instagram declared that he had lived the summer away from his mate. After several denials of the rumors of a farewell, his confirmation arrives.

According to the actor, it was the media attention that prompted them to take a pause for reflection, especially after his participation in Dancing with the Stars it’s at The Island of the Famous it intensified, becoming particularly annoying. The two, like that, they decided to move away, feeling the need to no longer be considered as a couple in the entertainment world, but only as individuals, aware of the possibility of never meeting again.

The removal, in reality, did not go unnoticed at all and some, said Gilles, tried to take advantage of it. So they were offered to the two pennies and covers with the aim of officially declaring the end of the relationship.

They offered us money – confessed Gilles -, covers but the deal was to say in the newspapers that we were NOT together anymore. For money I do not speak of my life, of our life above all I do not speak badly of it.

Gilles and Miriam, the love that wins over everything

Staying apart, for Gilles and Miriam, was not at all easy. The distance, in fact, made the couple understand that they still love each other deeply. Their feeling, stronger than the difficulties and intrusiveness of others, thus led them to interrupt the pause for reflection which, together, they had decided to take.

But the desire to be together was obviously too much – Gilles said – and what we have been writing for 12 long years could not stop like this! Welcome back my love.

Now they are ready to leave all doubts behind and to pick up their love story and to protect it at any cost. Will they even be ready to take the plunge?

The words of Gilles Rocca on Instagram.

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