incredible the disease that prevents

incredible the disease that prevents
incredible the disease that prevents

One study highlighted the benefits of consuming 0.5 to 3 cups of coffee per day. Drinking it prevents major diseases. Here’s what you need to know.

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How much coffee can I drink per day? If I drink more than four cups a day, will it be bad for my health? Is drinking coffee on an empty stomach bad for you? These are the questions we often ask ourselves about the daily consumption of caffeine and about pros and cons of coffee and the impact on our body.

However, it is clear that the consumption of coffee, not excessive, does not harm our health. A study presented by Heart and Vascular Centre, in Hungary, he ruled that he also has major benefits for the proper functioning of the heart.

The author of the study, Dr. Judit Simon, notes that this research involving several participants reveals the effects of this drink: “To our knowledge, this is the largest study to systematically evaluate the cardiovascular effects of regular coffee consumption – he said – in a population without diagnosed heart disease “.

Drinking three cups of coffee a day prevents stroke

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to tea and water. Moderate intake has many benefits for our body. Among the best known, it helps to focus and improves mental alertness. It is well known that those who have to study until the early hours of the morning use caffeine to avoid falling asleep.

“Our results suggest regular consumption of benvanda is safe – said the doctor – since even a high daily intake was not associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes and all cause mortality after 10-15 years of follow-up “.

But what is the ideal amount of coffee per day? According to the doctor “0.5 to 3 cups of coffee per day help to make lower the risk of stroke, but also the death from cardiovascular disease and other causes “.

The research was divided into three groups to make the study results more realistic. The first group were people who do not consume coffee, in total, 22.1% of the participants. The according to, moderate consumers, 0.5 to 3 cups, accounting for 58.4%. And finally, the third group, more than three cups a day, 19.5%.

To come to a conclusion, the researchers followed the participants for 11 years. Taking into account various factors such as age, sex, diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or cholesterol, as well as physical activity or the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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Simply put, moderate caffeine consumption is associated with a 12% lower risk of dying for any kind of cause, 17% for heart disease and21% for stroke.

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