here’s the trick to putting reactions to messages

Let’s see together how we can put reactions to the messages of the most used messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp: here is the news coming soon

We all use the application many times a day WhatsApp but very few know how to react to messages.

Let’s try to understand this little trick that could change the way we text forever.

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At first with the reactions were introduced for the first time on Facebook not everyone welcomed it in the best way, but then slowly everyone appreciated.

WhatsApp: Here is the incredible introduction

It seems that even the well-known instant messaging application of WathsApp has the same thing in mind.

Now the application it has become more than common use, that every now and then it is also right to introduce some news.

Come for example another trick that was discovered to be able to read the messages that are sent and then deleted even after a few seconds.

Just download an application that allows us to see the history that always remains in memory and that’s it!

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Ma let’s go back to the news about the reactions to the messages that comes from the always very informed site, WABetaInfo, even if for the moment we still don’t know which ones will be available.

In the next weeks it should arrive as an update, and at that moment we would know the truth, for both Android and Mac products.

Surely with this novelty there will also be fewer messages in the thousand chats that each of us has, from that among friends, to that with relatives, or with school.

WhatsApp: here's the trick to put reactions to messages
WhatsApp here’s how we can do it

A quick and easy way, this time to close a conversation or to make it clear even more if we really appreciate a particular message received.

And what do you think of this novelty that seems ever closer and that will affect us all? Do you agree or disagree, as happened with Facebook?

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