“Juve have an obligation to win. Allegri is working a miracle, he lacks quality”

A little more than 48 hours after the kick-off of the Derby d’Italia, the journalist and TV presenter Massimo Giletti, a well-known Juventus fan, spoke to L’Interista about the San Siro match.

A game in itself important, but to add “pepper” there is the fact that both teams a draw or a defeat would be hard to digest at this moment, given the gap accumulated from the top. According to Giletti, however, Inzaghi’s team arrives more relaxed at this match: “Juventus have an obligation: to win. For Inter it is not a last resort, it is more so for the Bianconeri, who have a lot to lose. Allegri he has to make a clear path, having lost too many points, now he has to chase “

A victory at San Siro to stay in the wake, in short.

“Yes, he must demonstrate that this path has its own continuity. To aspire to the place at the top. Juventus cannot compete for third-fourth place, but for first. They must win. They cannot even let themselves go. a possible draw at San Siro is good, to say. For heaven’s sake, it would not keep Inter going, but the obligation is that of three points “.

Are you convinced by Allegri’s return?

“At the moment Juve can’t do more than they are doing. Allegri is back after two years. Maybe he had a certain idea about some players, but once they saw and trained them they proved to be different. midfield, the technical level is not very high, it can also be seen from too many technical errors “.

It is therefore difficult to expect more, in your opinion.

“When you are close to the area you cannot go wrong, instead we continue to do it and are determined by the poor quality. Now it is working a miracle and it will only improve the situation, since it is making a difference without Dybala, which is an important value. for us. So we see Allegri’s hand, hoping that later he can find a better game than the one shown up to now “.

How does Inter get to the match?

“Inter have hired a coach who plays with the same form as Conte, so it was a right and winning choice, I think Marotta’s. Inzaghi lived and suffered Lotito for years, so he is tempered against all the bad weather he went through. . He knows how to make his team play: despite having lost important players, he is there, if he plays it. Let’s give him time, but he’s an excellent coach. “

If you could, who would you take away from Inzaghi?

“I would gladly remove Barella, a point of reference for both the Nerazzurri and the Italian national team. He makes the difference in midfield. And it is in midfield that matches are always won. This is why I am quite worried about the future of Juventus. which has little quality in that area “.

Your prediction?

“They started as a triple, make a prediction and the opposite comes out. Being a Juventus player, I hope” 2 “comes out, of course!”:

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