at the time the daughter was a child, today she is beautiful

Let’s see together the incredible transformation from girl to woman, as regards the daughter of the beloved Alberto Castagna.

Alberto Castagna with his daughter Carolina

As we know the untimely death of the legendary and beloved presenter Alberto Chestnut left everyone speechless.

Ed very few remember their daughter, that she was a little girl, but today she has become a beautiful woman, let’s see her together.

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15 years have passed since that sad daybut his memory is absolutely still alive in all of us.

Carolina Castagna: here she is today, beautiful!

Lately, the well-known presenter was honored in the studies of Barbara D’Urso, who has decided to show the various stages of his career.

Among the various guests in the studio we saw Emanuela Folliero, who worked for a long time with him and his ex-girlfriend Francesca Rettondini.

For her, the death of Alberto Castagna was a real wound in her heart, very deep.

Shown are some images of his funeral and the sad announcement made by Paolo Bonolis during the 2005 Sanremo Festival.

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Of course, there is also talk of Alberto’s daughter, Carolina, who was still a child at the time of her disappearance.

Today she is a beautiful woman and has faced life, even without such an important figure, namely the father.

The girl is really soap and water, and he did not decide to follow in the footsteps of his famous father.

Carolina, in fact, is a doctor who loves travel and architecture, is taking her specialist degree, following in the footsteps of her mother, who is a dermatologist.

The girl she remained very close to Francesca Rettondini, her father’s ex-girlfriend, but she remained a very normal girl, who does not like the limelight.

Alberto Castagna: at the time the daughter was a child, today she is beautiful
Here is Carolina Castagna today, beautiful and very similar to her father Alberto

As for his love life, we don’t know if he is, because the latest couple image published on his Instagram social profile is quite dated.

And what memories do you have of the great Alberto Castagna? For you too he is a character who will always remain in our hearts, and do you agree with us that Carolina is beautiful and very similar to dad Alberto?

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