Will Intel build a giant chip factory in Italy? The Government is serious – Nerd4.life

Will Intel build a giant chip factory in Italy? The Government is serious – Nerd4.life
Will Intel build a giant chip factory in Italy? The Government is serious – Nerd4.life

Intel could really build a giant one chip packaging factory, one of the largest establishments ever, right in Italy: what seemed like a vague rumor is being defined these days as a concrete proposal by the Italian government to the American company, at least based on what Reuters reported in these hours.

Something similar had emerged earlier, when we reported that the Italian government had nominated Mirafiori for the chip factory to be built in Europe. At this point, it appears that the negotiations have gone ahead and according to Reuters sources Italy would be at the forefront of the construction of this huge plant, which should also help solve the problem of supplying chips on the market.

Rome is already in discussions with Intel for the design of this plant, with preliminary estimates that speak of an investment from 4 billion euros but that could still increase to 8 billion. Part of this investment would come from funds from the Italian state, as well as agreements regarding the workforce to be employed and the consumption of energy on Italian soil by Intel.

Such a factory should immediately create more than 1000 direct jobs in Italy. “The Government is preparing a very detailed offer with the aim of reaching an agreement by the end of the year,” said these sources who asked to remain anonymous to Reuters. “The discussions with Intel are at an advanced stage. There is no precise agreement yet, but the government is working hard on this and has a good chance of bringing the factory to Italy “.

Between potential sites that could be used for this chip packaging plant are the Mirafiori area in Turin, as had already emerged previously, as well as Catania, where the Franco-Italian company STMicroelectronics already operates. The new factory would be one factory specialized in “Advanced packaging”, a high-tech facility capable of producing full chips from larger tiles from Intel and other companies.

In addition to the plant in question, there would also be a smaller research center planned, always included in the Italian project. The other big project underway at Intel in Europe is the mega-factory which should instead take place in Germany, in Dresden, but concrete developments are still to be expected on that too.

All of this should help limit Europe’s dependence on China and the US for chip manufacturing, as well as improve overall stock situation and the procurement of these products all over the world, a topic on which Prime Minister Mario Draghi had also recently expressed himself clearly, with the need to act “now and decisively” so that Europe can produce 20 % of global semiconductor output, considering that “China and the US are already investing tens of billions in this sector”.

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