does the future also pass through the logo?

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE – The new Ypsilon In the 2024, an average along the lines of the Delta In the 2026, and last but not least, a baby flagship In the 2028. The future of the Lancia, but in Turin the team of managers headed by CEO Luca Napolitano is already working on the long-awaited relaunch of the brand, which Ypsilon apart will be represented by fully electric models. A delicate subject at least as much as that relating to the style, technique and positioning of the new cars in the market – which will have the difficult task of entering the long tradition of elegance and prestige of the brand name, refreshing it with a hint of modernity – it concerns the choice of names: will the Lancia opt for the letters of the Greek alphabet or for the consular roads of the Roman Empire? Since, for the moment, there is no official answer, we asked you, our readers (who to know more).

THE (CRUCIAL) THEME OF THE LOGO – “Guessing” the names of the new models, however, may not be enough to complete the brand name tag Lancia, which, while exploiting the synergies with other companies in the Stellantis galaxy, will have to re-establish itself starting from a blank sheet. Here, therefore, another essential issue emerges from the perspective of a 360-degree revitalization of the Turin brand: logo. Many car manufacturers, including Volkswagen and Renault, have recently renewed it, opting for two-dimensional graphics that are more easily identifiable, but above all more easily representable online and, therefore, on social networks, now an essential terrain for reaching an increasingly wider audience and variegated and effectively convey theimage and identity of a brand. And the Lancia, will it do the same?

HOW IT HAS CHANGED OVER TIME – In its 115-year history, the Lancia changed its logotype six times, which from the simple writing of 1907 – initially white, in block capitals, and then, during the same year, modified with gold-colored italics – evolved to assume the shape of a triangular shield born in 1929 and also maintained inlatest version, which dates back to 2007. The shield with three rounded sides that adorns the bonnet of the current Ypsilon is characterized by an elegant two-tone blue-silver and, written separately, contains only one of the four elements that have identified the Turin house since 1911: the steering wheel, which however it has two races and no longer four as in the historical coat of arms.

AND YOU, WHICH LOGO WOULD YOU LIKE? – The “simplification”, decided now 14 years ago, has therefore determined the definitive disappearance of the hand throttle control (actually absent since 1957), but also of the rectangular flag and the flagpole with the tip on which raises. In the definition of a possible new logo, do you think it would be better to go towards a further streamlining, or to obtain the necessary space to reintroduce some of the “pieces” lost along the way? Please let us know by answering our survey.

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