Konami’s announcement disappoints fans

eFootball 2022, the heir of PES continues to disappoint fans around the world. Konami’s latest announcement literally blew everyone away: here’s what was communicated

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September 30th was the launch day of eFootball, the new videogame Konami born from the ashes of PES. The videogame product, however, has disappointed expectations by presenting itself at launch in an incomplete version characterized by numerous bugs and unfinished graphic details.

Result to which the Konami tried to “put a patch” by communicating the release of a first update for October 28th. However, the update in question was postponed to early November and fans did not like it.

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eFootball 2022, Konami’s announcement on the first update

A few hours ago, on the official profile of eFootball a press release was shared stating that the update scheduled for October 28th has been formally postponed.

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This, in detail, is what we learn in the note issued by Konami: “We inform all users that we have decided to delay the release of version 0.9.1 to early November. We sincerely apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused. Our hope is that the additional time spent will allow us to ensure an improved experience for all of our users. We will communicate the date and details of the corrections as soon as they are confirmed. In the meantime, we will continue to work on improving the game and look forward to working with you. Thanks for your patience”.


Konamis announcement disappoints fans

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