new image starring Melina and the Without Light –

new image starring Melina and the Without Light –
new image starring Melina and the Without Light –

From Software and Bandai Namco have released one new image from Elden Ring which portrays an encounter between the mysterious Melina and the Without Light, all under a suggestive starry sky.

The shot was shared as usual from the official Elden Ring Twitter account and accompanied by the message: “Traveler from beyond the Fog, I am Melina. I offer you a deal.”

According to the information currently available, Melina is a mysterious NPC who will present herself to the Without Light, therefore to the player, in the early stages of the game by proposing an alliance. In some ways it is somewhat reminiscent of the Fire Guardians or Shanalotte from the Dark Souls series.

Il Senza Luce and Melina in the new image of Elden Ring shared by From Software

In the image we see the Senza Luce and Melina sitting next to each other, in front of what looks like a “spiritual bonfire” (another very personal assumption), while they are probably making the aforementioned agreement. In the distance you can see the walls of the fortress already seen in previous images and films, which is one of the first areas to explore in the Elden Ring?

To know for sure we just have to wait for the February 25, 2022, launch day of the new anticipated title From Software on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS5, PS4 and PC. If you have not already done so, here you will find dates, times and how to register for the Elden Ring closed beta which will take place next month.


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