Draghi to the EU Council in Brussels: “Immediate action is planned on energy. Strategic storage is needed”

On energy “we have been explicit with the need to immediately prepare an integrated storage with strategic stocks. We must protect all EU countries in equal measure”. He says it Mario Draghi at a press conference after the EU Council in Brussels. “In the long term it is on the strategy of renewables that we must focus – he added – But if gas prices rise, there is also a problem of financing this path. And it is difficult to give up gas immediately for many countries”. Therefore, for the premier “the point of arrival is clear that it can only be renewables”.

Brussels, the European Council is underway. Orbán: “Ridiculous EU sanctions on Poland”

21 October 2021


The prime minister also addressed the issue of Poland and the ruling of the Supreme Court of Warsaw according to which the European Union has no say in Polish justice and cannot interfere with certain aspects of life in the country. On Poland, explained Draghi, “there are no alternatives, the rules are clear. The secondary law of the Union has not been questioned, but the primary law, the treaty. But it is clear that the path of dialogue must be kept open. “.

Then answering a question from journalists on the position of the League with respect to the case of Poland, the premier observed: “No one has any doubts that this government is pro-European. We have said from the beginning that those who are part of the government must respect the right of Union and consider the Euro a great success “.

The EU argues over Warsaw, Merkel in the field for the latest mediation

by our correspondent Tommaso Ciriaco

21 October 2021

And migrants

During the press conference, Draghi said he was “satisfied with how the discussion ended” on the Union’s policy with regard to migrants and their reception. “It is not true – he pointed out – that there is an opening of the EU to the financing of walls on the external borders. The commission does not agree and many in the European Council disagree, including us”. And explaining the content of the migrants dossier he explained: “The original text spoke only of secondary movements without mentioning the balance between responsibility and solidarity. The current text introduced this concept”. Furthermore, there is no mention of the modification of the Schengen Treaty. “Any reference in the conclusions of the EU Council has disappeared, and for this we are satisfied”, reiterated Draghi. “Various countries of the European Union – he added – were in favor of a change of Schengen but there is no longer this reference. I stressed the fact that we are basically left alone but today this situation is everyone’s problem. – he concluded – is not to divide, it makes no sense to privilege a country or a route. On repatriation, the European Union must all act together “.


Returning to the Italian question, on the issue of pensions for Draghi there are no alternatives. “Pensions are the subject of the discussion of the budget law that we present next week. I did not agree with the 100 quota and it will not be renewed, now it is necessary to ensure a gradual transition to what was normal”, he assured. And on the European stakes in the maneuver, the Prime Minister clarified: “We have a year to talk about the revision of the Stability Pact, there is time to develop points of view that are realistic”. And he stressed that “the commitments we are making on vaccinations, on health to deal with future pandemics, on vaccination in the rest of the world, are of such a size that they will have to be addressed with different budgetary rules”.

Pensions, it is about the shares. The audience of heavy works has been extended

by Valentina Conte

21 October 2021

The Pnrr

Finally, a passage on the future of Italy and its relaunch through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. On the PNRR “we have no delay – guaranteed Draghi – We have always respected the appointments, we intend to continue to do so and I do not register any worries in our partners. The only thing to do is to go with conviction and speed in the implementation of the commitments made”.

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