From the government to the Quirinale, because the Salvini-Berlusconi-Meloni pact risks being only a facade

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The embers that smoldered under the ashes of defeat took little to catch fire. Those words of Salvini about the Brothers of Italy and Meloni who must stop the opposition to “break the … oni to the allies”, is very explanatory of the real state of mind that you breathe, beyond the smiles and hugs delivered to photographers. They cannot do otherwise. Both the leader of the Brothers of Italy and the secretary of the League are aware that if they were divided it would be the end of their political perspectives of government. So they decided to temporarily put aside the competition for leadership and defend themselves from the common enemy, from that ever more numerous chorus of voices cheering for “Draghi forever”. For the operation to be credible, however, the role of Silvio Berlusconi was (and is) decisive.

The nervousness of the Forza Italia government wing

The growing nervousness of Forza Italia’s governing wing – represented by Gelmini, Brunetta and Carfagna and by a not insignificant slice of parliamentarians – towards the Salvini-Meloni sovereign axis is increasingly evident and explicit. We saw this on the occasion of the appointment of the blue group leader to the Chamber where the clash was more on the political line than on the names. But Salvini and Meloni cannot afford to lose the force supporters, not so much and not only for the 6-8% that the polls currently assign to the Cavaliere party but because their alternative proposal, their candidacy for the leadership of the third economy European Union in the next legislature would not be credible in Italy and above all outside the national borders. It would no longer be a center-right alternative but only right-right.

After the acquittal in Siena, Berlusconi is convinced he can attempt the climb to the Colle

So they need Berlusconi, who also has no intention of divorcing his natural allies. Also because he is really convinced that he can attempt the climb to the Quirinale – especially after the acquittal in Siena on one of the strands of the Ruby ter. This is also why he was very keen to participate in the EPP summit in Brussels. A few hours in which in addition to being photographed smiling with Angela Merkel, he wanted to let us know two things: 1) Draghi is more useful to the country if he stays where he is, that is, at Palazzo Chigi and not on the Hill; 2) the League’s approach to the EPP is slow but continues and the Knight is its guarantor: ” In the EPP there is no concern “for any extremist drifts in the Italian center-right, because” they are all confident in me “.

Salvini’s “enemy” moves

Too bad, however, that in the same hours in which the former prime minister was enunciating urbis et orbis, Salvini in Rome explained to his parliamentarians that for the Quirinale he would not mind Draghi al Colle. And that shortly thereafter he would hold a video link with Marine Le Pen to discuss with the leader of the Rassemblement National the “prospects of Europe” and the desire to create a “new parliamentary group” in Strasbourg “that can unite the best of Identity and Democracy, the Conservatives (Ecr) and the EPP ”. In short, not really a declaration of peace towards the Popolari but also of Giorgia Meloni. The leader of Fdi is in fact the president of the Ecr and has said several times that she is opposed to the birth of new groups where it would be destined to suffer the weight of the League which is still one of the political forces with the largest number of European parliamentarians. .

The Villa Grande Pact could fall after the third ballot for the election of the President of the Republic

As they say, the game is evolving and in these cases what we say is not always what we think: Meloni and Salvini are forced to make the best of a bad situation; Berlusconi pursues the quirinal dream. The pact signed in Villa Grande, the former prime minister’s Roman residence, where explicit reference is made to the compactness of the center-right on the race to the Colle and any support for a proportional electoral reform is , a limited duration. It is likely that it will run out once the third ballot is over, when the race for the Quirinale will get underway because an absolute majority will be enough to elect the Head of State.


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