the bulletin of October 22, 2021

There is a slight increase in new Covid cases in Sicily, where, however, the trend in hospitalizations is reversing and after four days they return to decline. This is what emerges from the usual bulletin of the Ministry of Health. There are 400 new infections out of 13,733 swabs (positive rate of 2.9%).

In the hospital there are 264 patients in the ordinary wards (-2), and 44 in intensive care (-4) with a new admission. 381 are healed, while 6 are dead: and so the current positives become 6,695 (+13). The Region points out that “the deaths reported today occurred on 21 October (1), 20 (3), 28 September (1) and 22 August (1).

As for the provinces, Catania once again has the largest number of new cases (156). While a Palermo 55 were registered, in Messina 53, in Syracuse 47, in Ragusa 17 as well as in Trapani, in Caltanissetta 12 as well as in Agrigento, in Enna 31.

The situation in the rest of Italy

The bulletin records 3,882 new infections on 487,218 swabs. Numbers slightly increased compared to yesterday, when the new cases were 3,794. The positivity rate is 0.8%. There are 39 deaths, compared to 36 yesterday, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 131,763. Campania is the region with the most cases today (450), followed by Lazio (408) and Sicily (400).

Slight increase in national RT, equal to 0.86, while the incidence at national level remains stable compared to last week, with 29 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, according to the monitoring of the ISS-Ministry of Health. 81.84% of the population over 12 in Italy received both the first and the second dose of the vaccine and 85.90% received at least one dose. 22.98% also had the third dose. In the last week, 345,000 first doses of the vaccine were administered, out of 1.2 million total doses (therefore including the second and third) inoculated in seven days. There are still 7 million and 600 thousand Italians over 12 years old who have not even had a dose of the anti Covid vaccine.

Coronavirus, the bulletin of Friday 22 October

Currently positive: 73,729
Deaths: 131,763 (+39)
Discharged / Healed: 4,528,065 (+3,861)
Hospitalized: 2,786 (-9)
of which in Intensive Care: 343 (-13)
Buffers: 100.153.800 (+487.218)
Total cases: 4,733,557 (+3,882, + 0.08%)

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