Turin, 14-year-old girl beaten and insulted outside school: “You are a monkey, you must die”

A 14-year-old girl was beaten – with kicks and punches – and insulted by a bulla outside the school, a hotel institute in Turin. The reason? The color of her skin. “He called me a monkey, he told me that people like me must die and that I have to go back to my country,” the young student told the newspaper The print. “I had just arrived and I was with my friends, when a girl from another class approached – said the 14-year-old -. He grabbed my hair, pulled some braids. She sat on top of me, crushing me with her knee and hitting me in the side ». The facts have already been reported to the police. Then the twist. Whoever attacked the girl went to the emergency room with some hand bruises. She defended herself by claiming to have defended a disabled companion “from the girl’s unfair attitude” but the attack, at least according to initial information, was filmed. In fact, the video was recovered by some parents who forwarded it to the victim’s mother. «I can’t even look at it – says the woman – See what they do to my little girl. Hear those insults. In many years in Italy, no one has ever offended me for my origins, while my daughter is struggling with racism. I advise you to move on, not to take it because it is not worth it. Words that I also say to myself, but it is not simple ».

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Turin #14yearold girl beaten insulted school monkey die

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