“We disagree on EU funding for walls”

October 22, 2021 6:04 pm

Dear Energy, the Italian Prime Minister’s proposal: “Immediately integrated storage”

“Migrants node of the EU, it makes no sense to privilege routes”

Migration “is now everyone’s problem, it makes no sense to privilege a country or a route. On repatriation and readmissions, the EU needs to act all together”, says the premier.

“The problem that we have lived alone for many years today is everyone’s problem and therefore it is important not to split up, because it is now a common problem, it makes no sense to privilege a country or a route”, recalls Draghi, citing the pressure ” exerts on the border between Belarus and the Baltic States and Poland where immigration is used instrumentally by the Belarusian regime “,” the pressure that comes from Turkey which is destined to increase with the Afghan crisis and the pressure from North Africa that we have known since very good”.

The Italian prime minister therefore underlines the need to “rebalance the external dimension of the Union by giving the southern Mediterranean the same importance as the eastern Mediterranean” in terms of allocating funds.

“Repair Europe’s shortcomings, not destroy it”

“Those who are part of the government must respect the rights of the EU and consider the path towards the Euro a great success and possibly repair the shortcomings of this construction, not destroy it. And I believe that nobody wants to do so”, underlines Draghi.

Energy, “immediately integrated storage” On the energy issue “we have been explicit: we need to start preparing hypotheses immediately for an integrated storage as regards strategic stocks and make an inventory of the various reserves available in the countries to protect the EU countries in equal measure”.

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