Salvini, here is the second audio: “If anyone thinks of going to vote before 2023, they are deluded”

The exclusivity of the sheet

Relations with Berlusconi, strategies for the government and Giorgia Meloni. The audio of the meeting at the Sala Umberto Theater in Rome: “With all the affection for the municipal offices of Milan, my goal is politics”.

Ruggiero Montenegro

22 there 2021

“There are a year and four months left, if anyone thinks of going to vote first, they are deluded.” Like this Matteo Salvini he dictates the schedule and objectives to his parliamentarians during his speech at the Sala Umberto Theater in Rome. From the policies, which “are my goal, with so much affection for the municipalities of Milan and Genoa”, to the strategy agreed with Silvio Berlusconi, which provides for a fixed appointment with the ministers of Lega and Forza Italia, “every week”. Because “one thing is to go to the Council of Ministers in no particular order, another is to go with six coordinated people, with a shared and agreed line to priori “, Salvini explains to his followers. Until the lunge on the ally Giorgia Meloni: “Obviously we have a center-right in the government and one in the opposition. But there is a way and a way: you can agree on an understandable share of pain in the ass, which, however, goes to undermine the field of Pd and Movimento 5 Stelle. And not done knowingly, as has happened in recent months, to put the League and the center-right in trouble ”.

Il Foglio was in that room, he was able to listen and document, exclusively, some excerpts of the meeting. The ones from which we built the story published today and which you can listen to here.

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Salvini audio thinks vote deluded

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