Inps, stop the disability allowance for the disabled person who has a “job”

Inps has decided – as stated in message 3495 of 14 October 2021 – to stop checks for disabled people who have a “job”. From that date, therefore, the National Social Security Institute will no longer pay 287.09 euros per month for 13 months to those with a disability percentage between 74 and 99 percent and in the meantime working (with a salary maximum of 400 euros per month). According to the INPS, therefore, an invalid can live peacefully with a “job”, with which he can barely pay the rent of a house (or a room, in large Italian cities). “A very serious decision that affects the most vulnerable who have already paid a high price in the pandemic,” thundered Ezio Cigna and Nina Daita, CGIL managers for social security and disability policies. He writes it Republic.

The so-called “jobs”, paid very little, are nothing more than “therapeutic or training activities and with small fees”, continue Cigna and Daita. The Undersecretary for the Economy Maria Cecilia Guerra di Leu also speaks of an “unacceptable situation” who, now, asks to correct the misunderstanding and, therefore, to restore as soon as possible the compatibility of the “jobs” with the disability allowance, already in itself of a small amount. This is a problem that arises with article 13 of law 118 of 1971 according to which the allowance was to be reserved only for the “stuck”, that is, for the disabled registered in the special placement lists; Law 145 of 2007 replaced «stuck persons» with «who do not carry out work activities» and from 2008 INPS explained that the «jobs» cannot be considered «relevant work activities». Now the turn around, citing two sentences of the Cassation of 2018 and 2019.

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Inps stop disability allowance disabled person job

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