PA: guidelines, smart work rotates, prevalent work both in presence – Politics

PA: guidelines, smart work rotates, prevalent work both in presence – Politics
PA: guidelines, smart work rotates, prevalent work both in presence – Politics

The public administration who wants to do smart working must guarantee “the invariance of the services rendered to users” but also “aadequate rotation of personnel authorized to perform agile work, while ensuring the prevalence for each worker of work in presence. “This can be read in the guidelines presented today by the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta to the trade unions. It is therefore not possible to do agile work five days a week but must alternate it with work in the office.

NO TO THE HOME INTERNET LINE – In the smart working activity, the public employee will not be able to use their home internet network for service. This is another aspect that emerges from the guidelines on agile work presented to the trade unions by the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta. “The worker must be provided – reads – with suitable technological equipment. Only the Internet connection provided by the employer can be used to access the applications of one’s own institution”. Therefore, “the adoption of appropriate technological tools suitable for guaranteeing the absolute confidentiality of the data and information processed during the performance of agile work must be ensured”. “In no case – it says – can a personal or domestic user of the employee be used for ordinary service activities”.

11-HOUR DISCONNECTION BAND – Even the public worker in smart working will be entitled to a consecutive daily rest period of no less than 11 hours for the recovery of psychophysical energies as foreseen by the contract for the work in presence. This is clarified by the guidelines presented today by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta on the range of inoperability or disconnection. The document reminds that the work performance in agile mode is carried out without a time constraint within the maximum daily and weekly working hours established by the CCNL. The worker may request, where the relevant conditions are met, the use of the hourly permits provided for by collective agreements or by law such as permits for particular personal or family reasons, trade union permits and those of law 104. On the days in which it is makes smart working – it is clarified “it is not possible to work overtime, travel, disadvantaged work, work carried out in risky conditions”. In the event of problems of a technical and / or IT nature, and in any case of malfunctioning of the IT systems, if the performance of remote work is impeded or significantly slowed down, the employee is required to promptly inform his / her manager. . If these problems make work temporarily impossible or unsafe, the administration can call the employee to work in presence. For unexpected service needs, the employee in agile work can be called back to the office at least the day before. The return to service does not entail the right to recover the unused days of agile work.


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guidelines smart work rotates prevalent work presence Politics

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