the earthquake breaks out in the house

There are still rumors of a crisis in the Carrisi house, apparently the problem is the rapprochement with Romina: unbalanced balances

Loredana Lecciso and Al Bano / Instagram screenshot

Weeks ago the gossip had turned the spotlight on the quarrel between Albano Carrisi and Romina Power: from some of the singer’s answers it was evident that there were tensions and what was circulating on the web the two had also stopped saying goodbye.

Misunderstandings that apparently ended soon: the couple rejoined working speaking to get back together on stage even outside Italy.

The choice is bringing problems in the family for the umpteenth time: Loredana in the last period is no longer condescending, the coexistence has lasted for years and years but if once the woman tried to meet her partner in order not to hinder him in terms of work, now things have changed.

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Romina Power clarifies with Albano, will Loredana leave home?

Al Bano and Romina Power
Al Bano and Romina Power [Fonte GettyImages]

It happened once before, when Albano Carrisi took Romina Power with him to Dancing with the Stars, Loredana packed her bags and left home.

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Once again there is the risk that the same theater could happen again. This year Albano will not only be the guest of Milly Carlucci, the edition has begun and he is an integral part of the cast. This is one more reason to make Romina make a surprise entrance, with whom the calm now seems to have returned.

There is a rumor that the malaise is returning to the Carrisi house precisely because of this eventuality, Loredana is unable to accept it. Albano’s partner does not want Romina to go back to putting her beak in the family business, on the other hand the singer would continue to endlessly seek a possible balance between the two families.

Will Loredana go away once again? Or will Albano eventually make the decision to decline Romina Power’s invitation?


earthquake breaks house

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