Covid, 3,882 new cases and 39 deaths. Hospitalizations stable, slight decrease in intensive care

I am 3.882 new cases of infection with Sars-Cov-2 tracked in the last 24 hours in Italy between 487,218 swabs analyzed, of which 374,564 rapid tests. The incidence is of 0,8% overall the screening activity is equal to 3,3% as for the suns molecular. I deaths They were 39. Stable situation in hospitals: in medical departments there are 4 more patients hospitalized, while there are 13 fewer beds occupied in the terapie intensive, where the entrances were 22.

Looking at the whole week, we notice the increase of several indicators compared to the same days as the previous one: they are 15.672 the infections traced from Monday to today, approximately 3,500 more the first five days of last week; deaths (from 202 to 222), admissions to intensive care (from 100 to 122) and the balance of inputs-outputs by medical departments (from -206 to +57). It should be taken into account that the ascent of the positivity is certainly at least in part attributable to the explosion of thescreening activities due to the introduction of the Green pass: the swabs carried out have passed from 1.539.663 a 2.429.380.

The Campania is the region that reports the greatest number of new positivity in today’s bulletin (450) followed by Lazio (408) e Sicily (400). Lombardy e Veneto instead report 381 infections, theEmilia Romagna reports 315. More than one hundred infected in Piedmont (278), Tuscany (277), Puglia (210), Calabria (145), Friuli Venezia Giulia (138) e Walk (116). L’Abruzzo reports 92 cases, the Liguria 86, l’Umbria 67, the Province of Bolzano 53. The other areas oscillate between 36 of the Province of Trento to 2 of Valle d’Aosta. Since the start of the pandemic they have been confirmed 4,733,557 contagions: 4,528,065 are healed or were discharged, while 131.763 have passed away. The currently positive there are 73,729, of which 70,943 are found in home isolation and 2,443 are hospitalized in the medical area with symptoms. Others 343 instead they are assisted in intensive care.

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