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Filippo Ganna is also human. After towering throughout the season, complete with three sparkling gold medals on the showcase (those with the quartet at the Olympics and the World Championships and then the world time trial on the road), today the champion of the Bel Paese missed the appointment with the final act of the individual track pursuit at the World Championships in Roubaix (France): the fifth title in the specialty has therefore vanished, at least for the moment.

The American will compete for the gold tonight around 8.42 pm Ashton Lambie and ours Jonathan Milan. The world record holder, established last August at high ground (3’59 ″ 930), as well as the first man in history to descend under the 4-minute wall on 4 km, has confirmed himself as a superfine specialist, establishing the best absolute time trial in 4’03 ″ 237. This is a response of absolute depth, because the track is not as performing as it was, for example, that of Tokyo 2020. The American will start favored against the reigning European champion, however the author of an excellent 4’05 ″ 785, in line with the time trial he had recorded two weeks ago in the qualifiers of the continental review. The feeling is that Milan can hardly go up to 4’03 “, but in the final the remaining energies will also be considered: the blue, in this sense, also played in the team pursuit, therefore a further point in favor of the team. American.

Filippo Ganna missed access to the challenge for the gold by a whisker, just 617 thousandths. The 25-year-old paid a very high price for a very slow start: at 1000 meters he even passed in 14th position, almost 3 ″ 5 from both Lambie and Milan. The start of the race, in fact, compromised the World Cup of the very welcome favorite of the eve. The furious progression engaged in the final was not enough to put a patch, but it was worth third place in 4’06 ″ 402: in the final for the bronze the standard bearer of the Bel Paese will face the Swiss Claudio Imhof, 4th in 4 ’07 ″ 609. Ganna, it should be remembered, arrived at these World Championships in less than ideal conditions following a fall at the Gran Piemonte, complete with a cracked rib. In the team pursuit, however, he had shown an encouraging state of form, but evidently today he paid off the efforts accumulated in the previous days. An empty passage that can be there and that does not detract from the greatness of this immense phenomenon of tricolor sport.

From an Italian point of view, the brilliant seventh place of the emerging player should be noted Manlio Moro in 4’10 ″ 509, fresh from the bronze conquered in the summer at the U23 European Championships: today as then the blue was preceded by the Germans Tobias Buck-Gramcko and Nicolas Heinrich, who finished in fifth and sixth position respectively. For sure coach Marco Villa can smile: he found another very valid element to be able to field in the Olympic and world champion quartet.

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