Draghi today at the European Council, the speech at the press conference

Draghi today at the European Council, the speech at the press conference
Draghi today at the European Council, the speech at the press conference

The Italian premier spoke on the sidelines of the EU summit in Brussels. Satisfaction with the discussion on migration: “It is not true” that there is an opening of the Union to the financing of the walls on the external borders. While on the energy front he warned: “It is difficult to give up gas immediately”. Quote 100? “It will not be renewed”

There was a “longer discussion than expected”. This was said by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, at a press conference – which began very late – on the sidelines of the European Council in Brussels. It was an “important and complex confrontation”, said the premier on the summit with EU leaders. Attention focused on the issue of energy: “We have been explicit with the need to immediately prepare an integrated storage with strategic stocks. We must protect all EU countries in equal measure”. But there was also discussion of migration, the rule of law of Poland and Italian economic measures.

Draghi: “Difficult to give up gas immediately”


European Council, second day. Tensions on migrants

On energy, according to Draghi, “in the long term it is the strategy of renewables that we must focus on. But if gas prices rise, there is also a problem of financing this path. And it is difficult for many countries to give up on gas immediately”. “The point of arrival is clear that it can only be renewables”, he stressed. The high price of energy “shows the need to have a strategy that aims at the strategic autonomy of the Union and it is on this that the Commission will begin to work”, he specified.

“Satisfied with the discussion on migrants”

While on the issue of migrants, on which there have been tensions among the leaders, Draghi specified: “It is not true” that there is an opening of the EU to the financing of walls on the external borders. “The commission disagrees and many in the European Council disagree, including us”. “I am very satisfied with how the discussion on these points ended,” he stressed. “The original text spoke only of secondary movements without mentioning the balance between responsibility and solidarity. The current text introduced this concept”.

On Poland “clear rules, there are no alternatives”

Then a passage also on the rule of law of Poland: “There are no alternatives, the rules are clear. The secondary law of the Union has not been questioned, but the primary law, the treaty. So there are no alternatives, the rules are clear on this. ” “We must keep the path of dialogue open,” he added. “No one has doubts that this government is pro-European. We have said from the beginning that those who are part of the government must respect the law of the Union” and consider the Euro “a great success”, he then stressed, responding to those who asked him about the the League’s position on the issue of Poland.

Quote 100? “It will not be renewed”. On Pnrr “no delay”


Pension reform, what the government is working on: here are the news

Looking at Italy, and at the pensions issue, the premier explained that he did not agree with Quota 100 and that the measure “will not be renewed, now it is necessary to ensure a gradual transition to what was normal”. Then he added: “We have a year” to talk about the revision of the Stability Pact, “there is time to develop points of view that are realistic”. And he guaranteed: on the PNRR “we have no delay. We have always respected our appointments, we intend to continue to do so and I do not register concern in our partners. The only thing to do is to go with conviction and speed in the implementation of the commitments made”. “A decree is on the way that should remove some of the impediments that exist, let’s say that the next two months, from now to December, are months in which we expect a lot of activity not only from the government but also from the implementing bodies”.

“Third dose for some categories”

While as regards the Covid-19 pandemic, “the third dose” of vaccine “will be necessary for certain categories especially”, such as the most vulnerable and the elderly, the premier specified. “The infections are on the rise, much more in other countries. So far in Italy they are greater than a few days ago, we must understand if they are greater due to the much higher number of swabs or is it the result of a spread” of the virus. “What is important is that the vaccination campaign continues to go well. We have vaccinated more than other EU countries and, despite England, we have maintained caution”, recalled Draghi.


Draghi today European Council speech press conference

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