Gilles Rocca and Miriam together again, he accuses: “They offered us money”

Gilles Rocca and Miriam together again, he accuses: “They offered us money”
Gilles Rocca and Miriam together again, he accuses: “They offered us money”


The former castaway of the Island of the Famous 2021 and winner of Dancing with the Stars 2020 announces the return with Galanti

Published on October 22, 2021

Gilles Rocca and Miriam Galanti are back together. To make the news official, the former castaway from the Isola dei Famosi 2021 thinks about it. It seems that despite the period of crisis that brought them to the break, their feelings have never changed. The pause for reflection allowed this couple to rediscover the serenity they had long lost. The winner of Dancing with the Stars 2020 has revealed, through his Instagram profile, that this has been a strange period for him. Indeed, he would dare to say “absurd”.

The reason? In this period of time, many would have allowed themselves to declare themselves aware of the same thing happening to their history, without any right. Apparently it was the assumptions made about the relationship that bothered him. In fact, it was not clear whether they were still together or not. And it is precisely this very strong media interest that it has brought Gilles and Miriam to make the decision to separate for a short time. That said, he makes a particular complaint.

“They offered us money, covers but the deal was to say in the newspapers that we were NOT together anymore”

Well, Rocca is now keen to point out that for money he does not talk about his private life and of certain aspects of his love story, above all he does not speak ill of it. During this time when they were separated, they both felt the need “To be considered single people and not a ‘gossippara’ couple”. This break is now over, because for Gilles and Miriam “The desire to be together was obviously too much”. What they have built in these long 12 years for the couple could not suffer an end.

“Welcome back my love”, thus concludes his post on social media Rocca. The gossip it divided them, but not definitively. And today they are finally ready to face it all as a couple. Even last month in July it was rumored that Gilles had fallen in love with a mysterious woman. He himself had promptly denied these gossip reports.

And it is from this moment on that Gilles no longer appeared on social media in the company of his better half. Since then, doubts about the breakup have become very strong, so much so that their friend Guenda Goria intervened on the matter. Maria Teresa Ruta’s daughter had pointed out that the couple has always been very reserved and does not like to release news about their private life.

Now the worst seems to have finally passed and the confirmation comes from the person concerned. Therefore, fans of the couple should no longer have any doubts about it.

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