Rome transfer market, goodbye Mourinho by Christmas

Calciomercato Roma, goodbye Mourinho by Christmas: for bookmakers there could be a sensational scenario. Even if a reversal is difficult

Let’s start with a fact: the turnaround seems really impossible at this moment, also because, the only possibility that had come forward in recent weeks, namely that of Newcastle, was practically dismantled by Mourinho.

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Before Bodo’s disastrous trip, at a press conference, he explained that he had every intention of respecting the contract with Roma. The triennial signed last May is very important, not only for the Giallorossi club, but also for the Special One, which has embraced the Friedkin project and wants to complete its task. It must be said, however, that Rome is now awaited by a string of important matches that come after two consecutive defeats: Naples, Cagliari, Milan, the return against the Norwegians and Venice. Difficult games, all of them.

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Calciomercato Roma, the hypothesis of the bookmakers

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However, there is a hypothesis that the bookmakers are relaunching: and it is that of a possible farewell by Christmas by Mourinho. A possible bet like this would pay out 12 times the stake. Uphill, however, given that at the beginning of the season a reversal on the Roma bench was given nine times the stakes. The start of the season, with 8 wins out of 10 games, had certainly given a hand to the Special. Who now, however, has some less certainty than in the past, above all because he has definitively understood who he can trust and who, really, cannot count.

As mentioned, however, a possible change on the bench seems really impossible. It is normal that after a blow like yesterday, bettors also enjoy looking for the coup. But it is certainly not with Mou’s farewell to Roma that they will be able to be happy.

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