remains poised above the provincial road //

A truck is skidded at Ponte San Giovanni on the E45 and is hovering on the side of the provincial road that leads to Collestrada. The incident occurred around 2pm. Firefighters and police officers were on site. The driver was slightly injured and was taken to hospital for examination. The impact on the viability of Perugia is enormous. The road in the direction was initially blocked – causing kilometric queues far beyond Madonna Alta – but as the minutes passed, the rescuers were able to move the truck and secure it to the Esso service area. Traffic was therefore reopened, albeit slowly, on one lane. The guard rail is being restored. The causes that led the truck driver to lose control of the lorry are still unknown: perhaps the cause is the wet asphalt due to the rain that has fallen in the last few hours.



remains poised provincial road Umbria24it

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