“Brunetta says wise things, I hope it becomes a Berlusconi line”

“Brunetta says wise things, I hope it becomes a Berlusconi line”
“Brunetta says wise things, I hope it becomes a Berlusconi line”

“It seems to me that Brunetta is saying wise things” and “I expect” that the positions of the Minister of Forza Italia “will become those of Berlusconi” to break “definitively with a right that cannot give answers to the country”. Ettore Rosato, president of Italia Viva, talks to Adnkronos about the interview today with Minister Renato Brunetta.

“It seems to me that Brunetta says wise things. There is a need to continue the work that Draghi is doing, a request of the Italians above all, to get out of the crisis. Not only the post-Covid one but also the one that existed before Covid”. ‘Let’s get rid of the sovereigns’ says Brunetta, is it the prelude to an evolution of the center-right? “I believe that it will take courage on the part of everyone and I hope that the Democratic Party and then the League will have this courage in the first place, abandoning sovereignties and policies against someone to choose the pro-European and moderate front, the one that allows good governance to many cities and many regions “.

As for Forza Italia, “I expect” that the things said by Brunetta “will become Berlusconi’s policies and become the axis that pushes Berlusconi in his political commitment to definitively break with the temptations of a right that really cannot give answers to the Country to engage in a moderate, liberal and reformist front “, underlines Rosato.

Some say that the project to bring together the libdems is hampered by a rivalry between Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, is that so? “Renzi – replies Rosato – has nothing against Calenda. He appointed him Permanent Representative of Italy in the EU, he appointed him minister, he supported him with conviction in Rome … because we should be against working together on policies for the Italy? In politics, you don’t just choose between nice people. A project of this type was born with generosity and we will give our all to generosity “.


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