FERRAJOLO: “Indelible stain on the history of Rome” – DISCONCERTI: “Mourinho lost his head yesterday”

The 6-1, yes, but even more, if possible, make the arguments statements by Mourinho after the heavy defeat suffered in the home of Bodo / Glimt. “The culprit is Mourinho, I am in love with him but for me he is doing everything wrong, he broke the locker room, he did good things and blowjobs, he gave the public mockery of young players” the thought of Ilario Di Giovambattista.

“If he weren’t called Mourinho, a serious club would have kicked out last night’s coach”, adds Luigi Ferrajolo. Per Mario Bewilderment that of Mourinho “it’s an incomprehensible exit, he lost his head a little yesterday”.


This and much more in “Maximum Listening”, rubrica de LAROMA24.IT edited by the editorial staff. A walk among the most important radio programs in the capital. Enjoy the reading.


It is difficult to analyze these results and it is difficult to understand what a man, who has made communication an important part of his career, is trying to do compared to the Roma squad. It is not possible that Mourinho knowingly wants to wreak havoc on half of the squad (ROBERTO INFASCELLI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)

The result is truly humiliating, it is much worse than Manchester United’s 7-1 or Bayern Munich because those were squads, but the worst thing is what Mourinho said: if any other coach had said it, he would write or say any what, but on Mourinho there is a form of attention and subjection. He prepared the game in a horrible way, then he exposed these 10-11 players in the public square and pillory: it is not good either towards these players or towards the group (ALESSANDRO VOCALELLI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

Mourinho made these same statements in March 2009. I am surprised at who is surprised, Mourinho is this and has always been like this. So we have to get into this order of ideas: either Mourinho ended up in the wrong place or the property is aligned with this principle, which is to dismantle what it was and put itself in the hands of a great totem of world football and try to build a team at the height of Mourinho’s football ambitions and Friedkin’s entrepreneurial ambitions. Otherwise it means that in October of the first year of this coach everything was completely wrong and I cannot think about it (ROBERTO MAIDA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

If he wasn’t called Mourinho, a serious club would have already kicked out last night’s coach. In addition to the 6-1, which is an indelible stain on the history of Rome, Mourinho adds the damage of publicly saying that these 10 players are blowjobs. This means breaking the locker room, throwing 10 players down the toilet and making them almost non-transferable (LUIGI FERRAJOLO, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

There was no match and I disagree with Mourinho’s statements: it is a very serious accusation against their players. When I hear that these players are scarce and that they cannot play, I wonder: where were you when this team was built? It is perfectly correct to want to make a turnover, but he could mix owners and reserves, have measures: you cannot send someone who has never played on the field and then give players even poor ones. This really means splitting the locker room in two. To me it’s an incomprehensible exit, he lost his head a little yesterday (MARIO SCONCERTI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)

I believe that Mourinho has a method and works with this method: he has no flexibility to invent the Rome method. He comes here and says the same things he said to Inter in 2009. This means that his working method has remained the same and that for him it is credible. Does the Mourinho method work in Rome or do you need a coach who starts from the bottom, makes the team play, re-evaluates certain players and brings out the best in everyone? I would not like a top manager who does not want to look the lower and middle level players in the face. If so, Rome risks hitting a wall and getting really hurt (GIANLUCA LENGUA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

The club absolutely disagrees with Mourinho neither in the way of communication nor in how the team lost yesterday (ILARIO DI GIOVAMBATTISTA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

In Rome I believe that the worst thing that can happen to a football fan is happening: that of starting from the certainty of having turned the page by hiring for a golden weight what is still unjustly considered one of the greatest coaches of all time and finding himself worse than How it was. It is a shameful page. You can’t lose like this, everyone’s dignity is at stake (FRANCO MELLI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

Yesterday Mourinho made a mistake in judgment, but when he made the changes at half-time things got worse. If you have only one half in midfield and you have 4 defenders who are not standing, it is clear that they were throwing a long ball and going into the goal. They need to understand why the team hasn’t had any kind of reaction, it’s the most dramatic sign of the evening. You have to think about a completely wrong evening (ROBERTO PRUZZO, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Mattino Sport and news)

The company is also annoyed and poisoned towards Mourinho. This is news. They spent 90 million for him, they took many players from him, he must work with those he has and not denigrate them. The culprit is Mourinho, I am in love with him but for me he is doing everything wrong, he broke the locker room, he did the good and blowjobs, he gave the public ludibrio young players (ILARIO DI GIOVAMBATTISTA, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Mattino Sport and news)

Mourinho is the first responsible for the defeat, he said so too, because if you remove 10 starters it can be as good as at Fonseca with Young Boys, or very badly as at Di Francesco against Torino in the Italian Cup. And then there is the result, which makes the post-match statements read differently because the results always condition the judgments expressed on the coaches’ statements, even when trying to understand their strategies. But then we also talk about the attitudes of the players who yesterday had the chance to give answers on the pitch (AUGUSTO CIARDI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)

It is one thing to dilute the reserves during the match and another to make them all play together. He wants to give a signal to society that it needs reinforcements. The photo of the defeat is the fourth goal, with Kumbulla who once jumped begins to trudge in vain and in 5 meters he let himself be taken 4. Bad image, he looked like a dopolavorista faced with professionals (MARIO MATTIOLI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Mattino Sport and news)

I have been saying that Villar now cannot play with Venice either. Some are really scarce, like Reynolds. But they are the same ones you floated with a year ago in the Europa League … (FRANCESCO BALZANI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I’ll give it to you Tokyo)

Kumbulla is 20 years old and at that age the boys must be lucky enough to meet coaches who make them grow. You can’t take 6 goals with Bodo Glimt even if you play with Primavera. You can lose, but 2-1, not 6-1. It is not just a question of players who are not good, it is a question of attitude and desire (FERNANDO ORSI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio Mattino Sport and news)

At this moment, making those players play that Mourinho has constantly de-legitimized with his continuous declarations, was madness and, in my opinion, those players have clearly played against him. It is shameful that for the differences between Mourinho, Pinto and the presidency Roma and its fans are muddied. Furthermore, it is unthinkable not to hear the Friedkins speak today (MARIO CORSI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I’ll give it to you Tokyo)

The game Mourinho is playing is very risky, a kind of all-in. If you can convince the Friedkins that he has to send the inadequates away, then he wins the bet and with the technician all of us. If, on the other hand, he does not win it, here he ends up with blows … (ANTONIO FELICI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I’ll give it to you Tokyo)

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