EU Council, Draghi: “On the rise in bills we must act soon, prepare stocks. Give up gas? Not soon”

The words spoken by Mario Draghi in the press conference following the European Council they confirmed that on the subject of energy and the fight against price increases, si be decided little or nothing. Each country will handle the crisis in its own way. On energy “we were explicit with the need to immediately prepare an integrated storage with strategic stocks. We must protect all EU countries equally ”, said the prime minister. There is therefore no mention of the creation of a single platform for purchases as requested by the Spain and other countries or other types of intervention. After all, this was the Berlin line, limiting oneself to helping the most difficult sections of the population while waiting for the waters to calm down.

“In the long term, it is the renewables strategy that we must focus on, added Draghi, but if gas prices rise, there is also a problem of financing this path. And it is difficult to give up gas immediately for many countries ”continued Draghi from Brussels. It is no mystery that Italy focuses heavily on gas which already covers the country’s energy needs today. Otherwise, France is pushing hard on nuclear power, opposed by Germany which is aiming for a softer path to exit from coal. In this scenario, the EU Commission will have to define, perhaps by the end of the year, the “Energy taxonomy”, in essence, indicate which sources are worthy of receiving funding in view of the transition to renewables. By 2050, Europe aims to achieve a zero balance between CO2 emissions and recovery. “There was one discussion also on nuclear power: some countries want nuclear power to be a non-polluting energy source. The commission will present an act in December. There are very different positions and we will see what the commission will propose ”, confirmed Draghi during the press conference.

“The Stability Pact? Doubts about proper functioning “- In terms of economic policies to be agreed at the European level Draghi then explained “We have a year” for talk about the revision of the Stability Pact, “There is time to develop points of view that are realistic”. When asked if the current Stability Pact is working well Draghi replied that “More than one doubts it…”. The Italian president stressed that “the commitments we are making on vaccinations, on health to deal with future pandemics, on vaccination in the rest of the world, are of such a size that they will have to be addressed with different budgetary rules: we have a year to talk about them” and address them “in a realistic way”.

On the Pnrr (National recovery and resilience plan which indicates the use of funds from the European recovery fund, ed) “We have no delay”, Draghi pointed out, adding that “we have always respected our appointments, we intend to continue to do so and I do not register any worries in our partners. The only thing to do is to go with conviction and speed in the implementation of the commitments made ”. A decree is coming that it should remove some of the impediments that there are: let’s say that the next two months, from now to December, are months in which we expect a lot of activity not only from the government but also from the implementing bodies. We must continue to work “

Farewell to 100, competition law by December – The Prime Minister also spoke on domestic political issues. “The I did not agree with quota 100 and it will not be renewed, now it is necessary to ensure a gradual transition to what used to be normal ”, said Draghi. The head of the government then said that “The third dose ”of vaccine “It will be necessary for certain categories especially”, such as the most vulnerable and the most elderly. “In this sense it will be done. “The infections are on the rise, much more in other countries. So far in Italy they are greater than a few days ago, we must understand if they are greater due to the much higher number of swabs or is it the result of a spread ”of the virus. “What’s important is that the vaccination campaign continues to go well. We have vaccinated more than other EU countries and in spite of England we have maintained caution ”, concluded Draghi. “Before the end of October we will present the competition law“, Said Draghi, hinting that the government will decide on the seaside issue without waiting for the pronouncement of the State Council.

The friction with Poland and the migrant issue – The other big topic of the summit was about an endemic problem, that of the common strategy to be adopted regarding the reception of migrants, and on another issue that has agitated the Brussels leaders in recent weeks: the confrontation with Poland on respect for the rule of law. “There are no alternatives, the rules are clear. It was not the secondary law of the Union that was questioned, but the primary law, the treaty. So there are no alternatives, the rules are clear on this “, said Draghi, adding that” Having said that it is clear that we must maintain open the way of dialogue“.

Asked about the League’s position on the issue of Poland, the Prime Minister stated that “No one has doubts that this government is pro-European. We have said from the beginning that those who are part of the government must respect EU law ”and consider the Euro“ a great success ”. Anyway nobody asked me“.

“We must reflect” on the theme migrations Draghi then hoped, explaining that “the discussion clarified the reason why some countries want to change Schengen. The weaker the protection of our external borders, the stronger is the temptation to limit internal movements within the EU“. Migration “is now everyone’s problem, it makes no sense to privilege a country or a route. On repatriation and readmissions, the EU must act all together ”continued Draghi, explaining that“ he is opposed to funding for the construction of walls ”.

“I am very satisfied of how the discussion ended ”on migrants. “The original text spoke only of secondary movements without the point of the balance between responsibility and solidarity “, concluded Draghi stating that” The most important legal framework on which we must make progress is the Pact on migration and asylum “, adds Draghi, who explains:” due to a strange heterogenesis of ends, what should have been a paragraph on the financing of the walls does not contain this possibility but has opened a window on the discussion on the asylum and migration pact, stopped by a year”.

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