«Migrants, no to EU-funded walls. Quota 100 will not be renewed »- Corriere.it

«Migrants, no to EU-funded walls. Quota 100 will not be renewed »- Corriere.it
«Migrants, no to EU-funded walls. Quota 100 will not be renewed »- Corriere.it

The premier spoke at the conclusion of the Council of Europe: “No one has doubts about Italy’s pro-European position”. On the pandemic: “Third dose of vaccine required”

No doubt aboutEuropeanism of Italy; no doubt even that the Poland has violated one of the fundamental laws of the Union Treaty. And on migrants, no concessions to states that want to build walls. Mario Draghi, at the end of the Council of Europe held in Brussels, he provided these answers during a press conference.

“There are no doubts” on the part of European leaders “that this government is pro-European” said Draghi, reassuring on the location of Italy. the question arose from the fact that parties of the majority (the League) still yesterday in the European Parliament voted against the possibility of sanctions against Poland.

Right onattitude of Warsaw, whose Constitutional Court sanctioned the superiority of national laws over European ones, Draghi was clear: «On Poland there are no alternatives, the rules are clear. It was not questioned the secondary law of the Union, but the primary law, the treaty. So there are no alternatives, the rules are clear on that. Having said that, it is clear that the path of dialogue must be kept open ”.

Draghi also said he was satisfied with the conclusions of the summit on immigration, however, an argument that held court for a long time during the face to face between heads of government: “The original text spoke only of secondary movements without mentioning thebalance between responsibility and solidarity. The current text has introduced this concept ». The so-called secondary movements are a unresolved knot for years: migrants who disembark in Southern European countries (who would be entitled to assistance under the Dublin Treaty) then move to Northern Europe (especially France and Germany). The latter have been asking Italy, Spain and Greece for years to take back these migrants. In the case of Italy we speak of a flow of about 70,000 people.

Draghi said instead no to financing the construction of walls on the part of the EU, finding full support, on this specific point, in the words of the president of the commission Ursula von der Leyen. As is known, 12 governments, almost all of Eastern Europe had written to Brussels asking the Union to allocate sources to erect walls and barriers against the entry by land of immigrants.

The premier also answered a question abouttrend of the pandemic: «I infections are rising, we will see if it depends on the increase in tampons, but the third dose of vaccine will be needed especially for some categories. The important thing is that the vaccination campaign continues well ».

And then the stability pact on public accounts, whose rules remain suspended until 2023. «On the fact that they worked well there is more than one who has some doubts: the needs of the next few years are such that they will have to be addressed with different budgetary rules, we have a year to talk about it, but the points of view must be realistic, realistic ». In Germany, both the outgoing government of Angela Merkel and that of Scholz which is preparing to take over, are instead defenders of the rules budget that existed before the pandemic.

Last passage, finally on a question of internal politics, pensions: «I did not agree with Quota 100 and will not be renewed, now it is necessary to ensure a gradual transition to what used to be a normality ».

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