The theft of SIAE data is more serious than SIAE tells it: documents, accounts and cell phones of VIPs

For the SIAE the ransom was set at 3 million euros in bitcoin, but since the association that looks after the interests of publishers and authors has no intention of paying, the hackers are satisfied with only 500,000 euros. So much so, according to hacker Everest, the amount of data that has been stolen from the association in recent months. The first one who arrives takes them, then the data should be erased, provided that a group of criminals can follow an “ethical” code.

SIAE has decided not to pay and now the data is coming out, day by day

But does SIAE really have the perception of the extent of the problem? According to Gaetano Blandini, general manager of SIAE, one perceives that the hypersensitivity of the company and on the distribution and accounting data of the economic flows outgoing from SIAE, rather than on identities, on bank details, on SIAE contact data. Blandini, in a TV interview, downplayed: “PFortunately, there would seem to be no economic data or even those relating to banking iban, only personal data, such as identity cards, social security numbers, and the data of many of our employees “. Mah.

SIAE, it is evident, manages to estimate very well the value of a popular song at the wedding party, and when it comes to making this calculation it sometimes abounds in excess, but perhaps it is not as capable of giving the right value to what they have. subtracted. Not even, at this point, the terrible consequences that could exist if this data were made public, which will happen if someone does not show up at “ert”, this is the name of the team contact, with a figure that is deemed suitable.

The question should by no means be minimized as Blandini has imprudently done, and the doubt also arises that the only concern of the SIAE was to protect the remuneration of the authors and all the economic part on which the castle is based. If the files relating to Bocelli’s or Mogol’s salaries had been taken, SIAE would have made a bad impression and would have cracked the relationship with the associates, but it would have been much less serious than the theft of documents that include scans of credit cards. identity, credit cards, passports and more.

The other question to ask is why SIAE has the bad habit of scanning everything: in the files that we have been able to view, there are scans of digital documents that are in turn passed to the scanner. Changes of personal data, registrations, even emails, all printed and transformed into PDF.

SIAE speaks of 27,000 personal data, but in the 60 GB (declared volume on which, however, there are no certain findings) no one can say what is there, not even the hacker. In fact, he contacted us and provided us with proof that there are also current accounts, bank transfers, iban, credit cards and other documents. “Do credit cards and bank accounts count as payment information? Iban info and other ”writes us with a telegraphic email.

These also include documents, passports, identity cards, emails, mobile phone numbers, IBANs and of course the home addresses of real celebrities, well-known people in the world of entertainment and TV who certainly don’t like to know that such personal data are. been stolen. At the moment, according to some news agencies, several names on the list are receiving an SMS with a request for about 10,000 euros to delete the data in the hands of the hackers. It could really be the hacker, or it could simply be another attacker who has put his hand on the files gradually released by the hacker: today it was the turn of another 2 GB package, and now inevitably there will be several scammers who can use this information to fool the artists. A problem of unprecedented severity.

The hacker was not interested in what may be the data that SIAE is interested in not letting out: he took a brief look and when he saw personal data useful for cheating he made the price. With a credit card and a driving license, or even just a driving license, you can sign up for a card sharing service, appearing as another person and steal a car. With identity cards you can register SIM cards, you can do SIM swapping, you can do everything.

What the hackers have stolen from SIAE are not emails, date of birth and telephone number, they are unique documents of thousands of people who are probably unaware at the moment that someone has a copy of their document, their passport or their IBAN, thanks to receipts.

IBAN which, contrary to what the general manager said on TV, are instead present and we have had proof of it.

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