Bulletin today October 22, 2021. The news

For the third consecutive day, they remain the daily coronavirus cases are above the threshold of 400 in Lazio: the bulletin was released this afternoon, Friday 22 October, by the Regional Health Department. Specifically, there are 408 infections compared to a total of 34,877 tests of which 9,700 are molecular and 25,177 are antigenic. The ratio of positives to swabs is 1.1%.

The bulletin also includes 4 deaths and there are 351 healings in the past 24 hours. As for the number of hospitalized, there are 312 positives in the ordinary wards of hospitals in Lazio (only one less than yesterday), while 49 intensive care units are employed.

Coronavirus Lazio: infections in individual provinces

As regards the territorial distribution, two new cases, 287 are in the province of Rome, and 134 only in the capital; the other 121 were ascertained in the rest of the region. The highest figure, 54 infections, comes from the Pontine territory; in the province of Viterbo 27 positivity were ascertained, 23 in that of Frosinone and 17 in that of Rieti. All deaths were registered in the capital.

Coronavirus Latina: data for today 22 October

Coronavirus Lazio: today’s bulletin 22 October

The general picture of Lazio is updated where the current positives are 8658; of these 8297 are being treated in home isolation and do not require hospitalization. Over 390 thousand are, however, the total infections found in the region since the beginning of the pandemic, with over 373 recoveries and 8,746 deaths.

The vaccination campaign

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, almost 10 months ago, over 8.6 million doses have been administered in Lazio where 91% of the adult population and 85% of over 12 immunized after they have completed the vaccination process have been exceeded. . As for the third dose, over 110 thousand have been administered; “However, it is necessary to speed up the booster dose” for the over 60s, commented the regional councilor for health Alesiso D’Amato. At the same time, the flu vaccination campaign is also continuing: 146,339 doses were administered, 2,776 performed by general practitioners and 153 by free choice pediatricians. There are 732,393 vaccines distributed. We remind you that the vaccine is free for over 60s, frail subjects and from 6 months to 6 years of age. Just ask your general practitioner or pediatrician of free choice for it.

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