Beijing furious at US support and the pro-Taiwan EU report

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Taiwan collects the renewed commitment of the United States in the defense of the island in the event of an attack by China. But on the other side of the Strait, the Foreign Commission of the Chinese Parliament violently attacks the report approved by the European Parliament on political and commercial relations with Taipei because it “violates the principle of one China”, according to which Beijing does not recognize the sovereignty of Taiwan. Strong opposition to any form of recognition, the start of commercial negotiations or the opening of offices on the island included in the European document.

The US ready in case of attack

The United States has shown rock-solid support for Taiwan since Joe Biden arrived in the White House in January. The statement by the spokesman for the Taiwanese presidency, Xavier Chang, follows closely that of President Joe Biden who reiterated that “the US will be alongside Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack”.

The White House specified, however, that the president was not “announcing any changes in our policy” and that “there are no changes in our policy”. “The US defense relationship with Taiwan is guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, we will adhere – added the White House – to our commitment under this Act, we will continue to support Taiwan’s self-defense and oppose any unilateral change in the status quo. “.

More than necessary clarification, since the climate around Taipei begins to heat up again. Especially after the move by the European Union, in fact the European Parliament has barely a majority, 580 votes against 26, a document that plans to tighten political and economic ties with Taipei.

Military tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated, with Taipei saying Beijing will be able to stage a “full-scale” invasion by 2025 as early as 2025.


Beijing furious support proTaiwan report

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