From 25 October, the anti-flu vaccination campaign starts. Also free in the 60-64 age range

From 25 October, the anti-flu vaccination campaign starts. Also free in the 60-64 age range
From 25 October, the anti-flu vaccination campaign starts. Also free in the 60-64 age range

The anti-flu vaccination campaign implemented by the USL of Parma with the collaboration of general practitioners and paediatricians of free choice begins on Monday 25 October.

For the second consecutive year, free vaccination is provided – as well as for the usual so-called “at risk” categories – also for those aged between 60 and 64, regardless of health conditions.

A choice, this, dictated by the co-circulation of influenza viruses together with the coronavirus. It is therefore essential to strengthen vaccination coverage with the aim of reducing complications from influenza and simplifying the diagnosis and management of suspected cases, especially in adulthood, given the similar respiratory symptoms for covid-19 and influenza.

The novelty of this year is the early start of the administration of the anti-flu to a particular category of people: from 11 October, in fact, vaccination is offered to over 80s who undergo the third dose of Covid-19.

Why get vaccinated
Vaccination is the safest and most effective means of preventing the flu. An opportunity to protect your health and that of those around us

Rules of conduct
Individual hygiene and protection measures remain fundamental, valid and widely spread in this period of circulation of the coronavirus together with social distancing and the use of the mask, which are: frequent hand washing; cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing; use disposable paper handkerchiefs and throw them in closed bins and then wash your hands; avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose; voluntary isolation at home in case of fever and respiratory symptoms, especially in the initial phase.

The vaccine
The effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the correlation between the strains it contains and those circulating: for this reason the composition varies every year. The USL of Parma has been assigned 127,000 doses that can be increased with subsequent orders during the vaccination campaign, in case of need. The vaccines used for this season are a high-dose influenza vaccine for guests in aged care facilities, the split used for people aged 6 months and the adjuvanted vaccine, for people over 75 and for the immunosuppressed.

Vaccination is free
Free vaccination is provided for women who are pregnant or in the postpartum period at the beginning of the epidemic season; children (from 6 months), teens and adults suffering from specific chronic diseases (*); people aged 60 or over, with and without pathologies; children and adolescents on long-term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid, at risk of Reye’s syndrome if they have a flu infection; people hospitalized in long-term care facilities; family members and contacts of people at high risk of complications; doctors and health and assistance personnel in health, social-health and social-assistance structures; essential service workers (**); the personnel of the farms, slaughterhouses, public and private veterinarians, involved in the transport of animals.

*: chronic respiratory diseases (including severe asthma, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive bronchopathy – COPD); diseases of the cardiovascular system, including congenital and acquired heart disease; diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases (including obese people with a body mass index BMI> 30); chronic renal / adrenal insufficiency; diseases of the hematopoietic organs and hemoglobinopathies; tumors and undergoing chemotherapy treatment; congenital or acquired diseases involving deficient antibody production, drug-induced immunosuppression or HIV; chronic inflammatory diseases and intestinal malabsorption syndromes; pathologies for which major surgical interventions are planned; diseases associated with an increased risk of aspiration of respiratory secretions (e.g. neuromuscular diseases); chronic liver diseases.

**: police and civil protection (including the Fire Brigade, Carabinieri, Military and Municipal Police); blood donors; staff of nursery schools, kindergartens and compulsory schools; public transport, post and communications personnel, emergency health service volunteers and public administration employees who perform essential services.

How to book free vaccination
People aged 60 and over and those with chronic diseases from the age of 14 must contact their family doctor, who will make an appointment for vaccination in compliance with the measures dictated by the need to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. and the ban on gathering.

For children aged 6 months up to 14 years, vaccination is ensured by the AUSL Community Pediatric Services in the 4 districts. The request of the free choice pediatrician (or family doctor) is required, who must report the pathology of the child to be vaccinated. For an appointment, call 0521.1686811 from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 18 and on Saturdays from 7.30 to 13.30. For the Taro and Ceno Valleys District, parents will receive a letter of invitation to vaccinate their child from the Community Pediatric Service. To change the appointment proposed in the letter or for any reservations, they can contact the number 0521.1686811.

People belonging to other “at risk” categories (namely: pregnant and postpartum women, family members and contacts of high-risk people, employees of essential public services, staff of farms, slaughterhouses, public and private veterinarians, employees to the transport of animals) must apply by filling in the online form on the home page of the website The appointment will be communicated by telephone by the AUSL operators and vaccination is ensured in the Hygiene and Public Health clinics in the 4 districts.

All other citizens who do not fall within the aforementioned categories can still get vaccinated: a family doctor’s prescription, the purchase of the vaccine at the pharmacy and administration (for a fee) by your doctor or trusted pediatrician is required.

As in previous years, the active and free offer of pneumococcal vaccination, ensured by family doctors, continues for people aged 65 years.

Some data
In Parma and its province, 107,990 people were vaccinated during the 2020-2021 campaign, against 67,677 in the previous season, registering a + 60%, compared to the regional average increase of + 37%. In particular, it should be noted: + 35% of individuals aged 65 or over; + 277% of the subjects assigned to public services of primary collective interest; + 86% of health workers.

Anna Maria Petrini, Extraordinary Commissioner AUSL of Parma: “This year we want to further improve the results of last season, reaching a vaccination coverage of 75% among the over-sixty-four year olds and confirming the increasing trends for the other categories with particular attention to pregnant women, people with chronic diseases and healthcare personnel. These are objectives that I am sure we will be able to achieve thanks to the always active collaboration of family doctors and pediatricians of free choice “

Massimo Fabi, general manager of the University Hospital of Parma: “The novelty of this year is the early start of the administration of the flu shot to a particular category of people: from 11 October, in fact, vaccination is offered to people over 80 years old. who undergo the third dose of anti Covid-19. The pandemic has led to widespread awareness of the importance of vaccination, a safe and useful tool for fighting viruses. I therefore hope for the widest possible participation in this vaccination campaign, starting with the most fragile people ”.

Mario Scali, vice president of the Parma Medical Association: “Last year there was a poor circulation of the flu, but we must not let our guard down: I invite everyone to vaccinate and to keep the correct protective and hygiene behaviors, so I use of the mask, frequent hand washing and distancing. “


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