Alzheimer cure, the efficacy of Euvitase from Innbiotec Pharma of Arezzo

Surprising answers from a clinical study of early stage Alzheimer’s patients who were treated with compounds developed by an Arezzo-based company, the Innbiotec Pharma: in particular, the study would highlight both an arrest of neuro-degeneration, but also a regression of symptoms. The results were presented at the world congress of neurology which was recently held in Rome.

Alzheimer, the study at Fetebenefratelli

The study was conducted in the Fatebenefratelli Institute in Rome and was coordinated by Dr. Massimo Marianetti who is the head of the Neuropsychology Service and the Fatebenefratelli Alzheimer Experimental Center. During the tests, the efficacy of two natural substances in counteracting the pathogenesis of the disease was demonstrated. As mentioned, the study was promoted by Innbiotec Pharma from Arezzo (a young company founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University of Florence) which developed Euvitase, the product under study, containing polyphenols of the olive tree e glutathione.

What does the Innbiotec compound contain

“It is a product based on oleuropein (found in olive oil and olive leaves, at) and bioavailable glutathione (substance naturally produced by the liver but also present in some foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats, at), the result of the great work done over the years by my group at the University of Florence on the development and patenting of the industrial process for the production of glutathione thioesters, compounds effective in countering cell damage produced by free radicals – he says Gianfranco Liguri, former professor at the University of Florence and current president and chief innovation officer of Innbiotec Pharma – the mnestic (memory), cognitive and coordination parameters of the patients treated showed both an arrest of the progression of neuro-degeneration and a regression of symptomatology. These results allow us to glimpse the potential of a treatment for a pathology of very significant socio-economic impact, for which there are currently no effective treatments “.

Innbiotec Pharma’s commitment to Alzheimer’s

An important milestone for the Arezzo-based company, given the importance of the fight against Alzheimer’s in the medical field. “It is the most common cause of dementia (it represents 50-60% of all cases) – he explains Oliviero Giusti, pathologist, for 30 years at the helm of Biochemical Systems International and current CEO of Innbiotec Pharma – according to the World Health Organization, in the world today there are 55 million people with a form of dementia, destined to become 139 million by 2050. In Italy it is estimated that dementia affects 1 million 241 thousand people “.

Not only Alzheimer’s, the prospects of Innbiotec Pharma

Giusti also takes stock of the upcoming commitments of Innbiotec Pharma. “After my commitment in the field of diagnostics, I wanted to dedicate myself with Professor Liguri, to whom I am linked by a long friendship, including professional, to improve the well-being of people through natural and innovative products; Alzheimer’s treatment is undoubtedly our the most important objective and the positive results of the study conducted with the Fatebenefratelli Institute encourage us to go on with our work – continues Giusti – the Research & Development area is the engine of the company, from 2015 to today we have invested over 5 million euros ; we currently have 18 Italian and international patents and 2 very innovative molecules. In addition to the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and senile dementia), we are engaged in that of liver and respiratory diseases (Covid19 and acute pneumonia) and we use of important collaborations with Italian universities and Italian and foreign research centers ul Covid19, we are engaged with the San Raffaele hospital in Milan in conducting a study that investigates the use of the combination of our two molecules in avoiding the inflammatory state of the lungs. This is an ongoing activity for which we are also making important investigations on the ecotoxicology front “.


Alzheimer cure efficacy Euvitase Innbiotec Pharma Arezzo

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