Iss, Brusaferro: «Pandemic under control. But there are still too many unvaccinated “

“The pandemic in Italy is under control”. This was said by the president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro during the usual press conference on the weekly monitoring of the Covid situation in Italy. “Our country has the most controlled incidences compared to the EU, while in other countries there is a rise in positivity” continued the expert, however reiterating the need to “increase the number of immunized people”. The report analyzes the period between 15 and 21 October and with regard to the incidence rate, on the other hand, it records a standout: we are talking about 34 almost (therefore below the threshold of 50, ed) per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to the value of 29 last week. There is also a slight increase in the Rt index. The transmissibility index, in fact, is slightly up: in the period 29 September – 12 October it was equal to 0,86 against 0.85 last week (the week before it was even lower: 0.83).

Infections are growing

The number of new Covid cases not associated with transmission chains is also increasing: we pass by 4.551 a 4.759. On the other hand, the percentage of cases detected through contact tracing has dropped: from 34 to 33 percent of this week. There was a slight increase in the percentage of cases detected through the appearance of symptoms: from 47 to 48 percent. The percentage of cases diagnosed with lo is stable at 19 per cent screening. The Delta variant – explained by the ISS and the Ministry of Health – continues to be prevalent in Italy; the only remedy to block the circulation of the virus, therefore, remains the vaccine. However – the experts conclude – a detailed tracking is also needed, not letting our guard down and continuing, in fact, to respect the rules for containing the pandemic.

Good data on hospitalizations

The good news that emerges from the weekly ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring, meanwhile, is that the employment rate of patients in the Covid area in hospitals in our country continues to decrease. In intensive care the percentage is 3.9 percent compared to 4.1 last week. It goes from 370 on 12 October to 355 on 19. In the medical areas the percentage drops again to 4.2 against 4.6 in the previous week: it goes from 2,665 jobs (again on 12 October) to 2,423 on 19 October.

Four moderate-risk regions

Four are, however, the regions classified at moderate risk, compared to three last week. These are Abruzzo, Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Piedmont. The remaining 17 are classified as low risk; only Campania reports a resilience alert. The incidence of Covid cases also increased in 17 regions and autonomous provinces compared to last week. The regions with the highest incidence are the autonomous province of Bolzano, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto; those with a decreasing incidence Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily.

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