101 “crafty” of the school denounced

They had presented bogus self-certifications, fake diplomas, often awarded with full marks, or qualifications granted by “diplomats” of Campania (non-peer institutions capable of churning out up to 700 graduates every year), or even declared false service titles, certifying that they have worked in other institutions in southern Italy. Taking advantage of the clumsiness of the bureaucracy they managed to climb the rankings of the Ata school staff (administrative, technical and auxiliary) of the province.

101 people, the vast majority of janitors, ended up in the jerseys of a maxi investigation by the Treviso Finance Police. These are staff currently still in service. They are accused of having “rigged” the ranking for the three-year period 2018-2020 by presenting false titles. Just too many very high marks (many 100/100) made the territorial office suspicious and started the investigation of the yellow flames. They will all have to answer a false ideology committed by a private person in a public act. A report was also made to the Court of Auditors for a tax damage of 2 million euros. In some cases, school managers have already adopted the provision for terminating the employment contract while, in the light of the results of the yellow yellow investigation, the school territorial office has already crossed out some twenty people who had presented qualifications from the rankings. fakes.

76% of the suspects are originally from Campania and in the same region there were schools which had no qualification in granting diplomas. Only two Treviso women ended up in the list of suspects: it is a woman from Castelfranco who appeared to have served, on paper only, service in a school in Caserta (to have a higher score in the ranking) and a young girl from Conegliano who had obtained a diploma in Campania. In the video the comment of the provincial commander of the Treviso Finance Police, Francesco De Giacomo.

The financiers of the Provincial Command of Treviso have completed the operation “101 e lode”, as part of which it was ascertained that, from 2018 to 2020, ATA school staff (administrative, technical, auxiliary) with false diplomas were hired at various schools in the Brand.

The recruitments were made on the basis of the position held by the candidates in the ranking related to the ATA personal call for the three-year school year 2017/2020. The ranking, formed on the basis of the scores attributed to the academic and service qualifications declared by the candidates, aimed to be an expression of the intellectual qualities and professional skills of the candidates. In fact, candidates have systematically placed themselves at the top of the ranking who have certified that they have obtained professional qualification diplomas with a grade of 100 cents, in addition to the possession of specific professional experiences. For most of these, however, it emerged in the course of the investigations that the diploma had been obtained, with the highest score, from a small number of Campania schools, while the service titles had been earned by working in unlikely peer schools. These anomalies have induced the financiers of the Treviso Economic and Financial Police Unit to carry out, also thanks to the collaboration provided by the Provincial School Office, in-depth studies on the school and working “career” of various subjects, ascertaining, in numerous cases, serious irregularities. In particular, for 43 of the people hired, diplomas were issued by four schools, located in the provinces of Salerno, Benevento and Avellino, which were not authorized by the Regional School Office to carry out professional qualification exams. These institutes, already at the center of judicial investigations because they are suspected of being real “diplomats”, have issued diplomas even though they do not have the requisite of scholastic equality. There are also several cases of completely false diplomas. For some of these, issued by an equal institute based in Naples, a circumstance has increased the suspicions of the investigators: the school, in 2016, reported the theft of the acts of appointment of teachers and examination committees, of the minutes exam papers and written papers of various candidates, all kept inside a school bus. And, a singular coincidence, the theft occurred on the same day that the Campania Regional School Office sent its staff to carry out an inspection on the activities of the institute.

Seven candidates, on the other hand, declared that they had graduated from an equal educational institution in Caserta in which, in the course of a single school year, about 700 students would have graduated, despite only ten parchments had been requested from the Ministry of Education and the structure, from the logistical point of view, was able to take care of the training of no more than a few dozen students. Eight other candidates declared that they had graduated from an equal institute in the province of Salerno. However, there is no trace of their name in the list of graduates for whom the peer institution has requested the Ministry to issue the parchment. And again: the progressive identification number of three diplomas, issued to as many candidates by an equal institution in the same province of Salerno, was found to be already associated with the diplomas of as many students attending a state institution in the same region. Finally, 40 candidates have declared possession of false qualifications, certifying that they have worked at other private schools in Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. The investigations have made it possible to ascertain that they have never received any remuneration for the service they would have provided, while the often conniving private schools have failed to communicate the start of the employment relationship and, consequently, to pay the related social security contributions. To understand how, in some cases, the candidates presented grossly false self-certifications, just think that the telephone numbers of an educational institution, where three candidates declared they had worked as an employee, corresponded to those of a jewelry store in Vibo Valentia. It is precisely the diplomas obtained with the highest marks and the certificates of service that allowed these candidates to illegally override, in the general ranking, those who had declared qualifications actually achieved. The investigation ended with the complaint to the Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office of 101 people for ideological falsehood committed by the private individual in a public act, a crime punishable by imprisonment for up to two years, and with the reporting to the Court of Auditors of Venice of a damage to the tax authorities of approximately 2 million euros, equal to the salaries received by the subjects hired, to the detriment of others candidates, thanks to fake titles. The Court of Auditors, now, will be able to call them to return the sums received, as well as contest the damage from inefficiency and the damage to image caused to the Public Administration. The managers of the school offices, in dozens of cases, have already adopted provisions for the termination of the employment contract for school collaborators, administrative assistants and technicians without qualifications.

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