Ryanair offers for Christmas markets: tickets at 7.99 euros

Ryanair offers for Christmas markets: all the opportunities to be seized. Low cost flights to book with tickets starting from 7.99 euros!

Ryanair offers for Christmas markets: all occasions (Photo Pixabay)

Here we are, with the approach of the end of October and the Feast of All Saints begins to peep out theatmosphere of Christmas. And what’s more beautiful in this period than seeing the decorated cities, visiting Christmas markets and enjoying the magic of Christmas? Ryanair allows you to do it cheaply. The company has in fact launched some offers for December with tickets from 7.99 euros!

With the days that get shorter, the cold, the leaves that are tinged with orange and red, the first panettone and pandoro are already on the supermarket shelves. Christmas offers us a warm, joyful and familiar atmosphere that helps us face the winter.

One of the major Christmas attractions that have become very popular in recent years are in fact the traditional ones markets. The first ones were born in Germany, they have spread throughout Central and Northern Europe, and in our Alps. In the last 20-30 years the tradition has established itself, with markets throughout Italy.

In view of the Christmas market season, which open at the end of November, organized trips and trips are organized. Ryanair therefore offers flights on offer to reach the main ones locations in Europe where they are held Christmas markets. Opportunities to be taken immediately.

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Ryanair offers for Christmas markets: flights from 7.99 euros

The compagnia low cost Ryanair lancia new unmissable offers on its flights, this time for travel to Europe, in the cities of the Christmas markets. The season of the markets, in fact, is about to begin, the first openings are expected in about a month, at the end of November, with the beginning of the Advent season.

For Italians, the best time to visit the Christmas markets is Bridge of the Immaculate Conception of 8 December. The holiday this year falls in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday. For some there will be the possibility of extending the first weekend of December, with two days of vacation, especially for the Milanese who have an additional day of celebration, the December 7, Sant’Ambrogio. Others, on the other hand, will be able to take two days off on Thursday and Friday after 8 December.

In short, there is no shortage of opportunities and thanks to the bridge you can book a trip at a discounted price to a beautiful European city and its traditional Christmas market.

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Ryanair offers discounted flights to the cities of the markets, with departures from the main Italian airports served by the airline. The offers are marked with rates starting from 16.99 euros each way. As is almost always the case with Ryanair, however, there are several flights on offer at even lower prices. One more reason to take advantage of it.

Discounted near flights are subject to availability. L’offer is valid until October 27, 2021, per travel from 1st to 31st December.

Keep in mind that the offer is that of the basic rate, i.e. the price includes only a light baggage. If you also want to bring a trolley with you, you must purchase priority boarding which generally costs 10 euros each way. Before buying, therefore, evaluate and compare Ryanair rates on hand luggage.

Flights on offer in December 2021

Here are the flights offered by Ryanair at discounted prices departing from Italian airports and direct to the European cities of the Christmas markets.

From the airport of Ancona there are two flights on offer: one for Krakow from 7.99 euroso and one for Brussels (Charleroi) from 9.99 euro.

Gives Bari leaves a flight to Warsaw (Modlin) from 7.99 euros.

Numerous flights on offer departing from the airport of Bologna: and likes to 4,99 euro per Bratislava, Bucharest (Otopeni), Katowice, Oradea and Sibiu; flights from 7,99 euro for Billund (Denmark), Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw (Modlin) e Vienna. Then flights from 9.99 euros to Brussels (Charleroi), Budapest, Colonia e Nuremberg. One flight from 12.99 euros for Berlin Brandenburg is one from € 14.24 for Prague.

Among the offers from Milan Bergamo, we point out: the flights from 4,99 euro per Bratislava, Oradea and Timisoara. A flight from 7.24 euros for Vienna. So the flights from 7,99 euro per Billund, Wrocław, Bucharest (Otopeni), Gothenburg Landvetter, Katowice, Luxembourg e Oslo (Torp). On offer a flight from 8.74 euros for Gdansk and one for € 9.74 for Düsseldorf (Weeze). Then the flights from 9.99 euros per Budapest, Colonia, Cracovia, Frankfurt (Main), Poznan, Riga, Warsaw (Modlin) e Vilnius.

Gives Milan Malpensa the following flights are on offer: from 4.99 euros to Bucharest (Otopeni) and Sibiu; one from 6.24 euros for Vienna and two from 7.99 euros per Aarhus (Denmark) and Kaunas (Lithuania). Quini of flights from 9.99 euros per Berlin Brandenburg e Brussels Zaventem.

From the airport of Pescara flights depart from 4.99 euros to Bucharest (Otopeni) and from 9.99 euros to Brussels (Charleroi) e Frankfurt (Hahn).

From the airport of Pisa discounted flights depart from € 4.99 to Bucharest (Otopeni) and from 7.99 euros per Wroclaw e Brussels (Charleroi). So flights from 9.99 euros per Brussels Zaventem e Eindhoven. Finally, two flights from 10 euro per Budapest e Cracovia. From 12.99 euros for Berlin Brandenburg.

From the airport of Rome Ciampino discounted flights are: from 7.99 euros to Bucharest (Otopeni), Copenhagen e Vienna. Poi and loves from 9.99 euros per Bratislava, Frankfurt (Hahn), Riga and Warsaw (Modlin). A € 12.99 flight to Brussels (Charleroi) and a € 14.10 flight to Budapest.

Flights on offer from Rome Fiumicino I’m one from 7.99 euros for Vienna is one from 9.99 euros for Brussels Zaventem.

From the airport of Torino we report the flights from 7,99 euro per Budapest e Cracovia; from 9.99 euros per Brussels (Charleroi) e Copenhagen.

Gives Venice Treviso the following flights depart: 4.99 euros to Bucharest (Otopeni) and Sibiu; from 7,99 euro per Billund, Budapest, Frankfurt (Hahn), Poznan and Warsaw (Modlin). An 8 euro flight to Riga and flights from 9.99 direct in Brussels (Charleroi), Colonia, Eindhoven and Prague. Finally, on offer a 12,99 euro the flight to Berlin Brandenburg.

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Ryanair offers for Christmas markets (Photo by Wayne Jackson from Pexels)

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