“Hateful, there is no law” – Time

“Hateful, there is no law” – Time
“Hateful, there is no law” – Time

Giada Oricchio

October 22, 2021

Call for mercy Massimo Cacciari, guest of “Half past eight”, The program of Lilli Gruber its LA7. To arouse the philosopher’s reprobation and anger are the green pass and the state of emergency.

In the direct of Thursday 21 October, the presenter observes that the obligation of the green certificate has avoided 55,000 infections from Covid as in Great Britain, but Cacciari lowers his gaze and replies that he has a political-juridical-institutional position on the GP: “There were other systems and other interventions. I quote it strategy index, an index developed by the University of Oxford, not by idiots, which investigates the various measures that countries have adopted to combat Covid and our country is in the very first place and I am aware that data on infections and mortality rank first. In other words, I am not aware that our measures have given greater results than other countries that have adopted much less pervasive measures. I repeat the usual question: why has the government not made the law on the vaccination obligation and has assumed all the responsibilities? ”.

Then he concludes: “I find it hateful that in order not to comply not with a law, but with an administrative measure, there are my colleagues who have lost their salaries and do not go to work”. The subject boils the blood in the veins of the Venetian writer who abandons his calm and raises his voice: “It’s hateful! And it’s not just me saying that, even fine jurists have intervened on the question of the state of emergency. Protracted until when and how? There is no indication as to when it ends. They pointed out that one thing is the state of emergency which has time limits, another is the state of exception. By law, the state of emergency can last 12 months, renewable for another 12 after it must cease ”.

On the contrary, Evelina Christillin, president of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, defends the green pass: “I made some statistics and we have + 33% of people compared to the same period a year ago”, but the professor reacts worse than a cat in contact with water: “For heaven’s sake we are not going to come up with the discourse on norms! I must have the green pass to stay in a wagon alone on a train that goes from Venice and Rome and then there are people who are clustered in layers in a regional train or on the subway. It’s how these things apply, how the rules apply ”and hands up he pleads:“ Have mercy on me! Have pity on me! We are delirious. It is a painful, painful thing, so we go towards the state of exception ”. The climate has overheated right on the credits and Gruber embarrassed by having to silence the illustrious guest, contorts his mouth in an exasperated smile and closes: “Have pity on me now!”.

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