Still fights and vandalism in the subway in Milan: a danger for passengers and workers

Still fights and vandalism in the subway in Milan: this time the security personnel were also involved ATM, with the wounding of an employee.

He reports it in these hours on Codacons: this is the third episode in a month. As we read in a note, yet another fight took place in Garibaldi station which, armed with knives and brass knuckles, affected a dozen boys. ATM security personnel promptly intervened, and one worker was injured.

“According to what reported by, the ATM unions have written a letter to the Prefect and to the management of the transport company of the Municipality of Milan, to put an end to these multiple episodes, considering their intervention necessary and urgent”, he writes Codacons.

In recent weeks it was the Bussero station that was hit by vandalism: the train had to stop as the boys continued to pull the emergency brake.

The president of Codacons, Marco Maria Donzelli, denounces: “It is necessary to protect the safety and tranquility of citizens. For this reason, Codacons presents a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the incident and warns the Municipality of Milan in order to guarantee public order “.


fights vandalism subway Milan danger passengers workers

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