“Here too something is changing”

Covid, the sub-variant Delta Ay4.2 which alarms the United Kingdom and has also been diagnosed in Israel in the last few hours, also creates concern in Italy. The staff of Dr. Vittorio Sambri, director of the Microbiology Operating Unit of the Single Laboratory of Pievesestina of the Ausl, is looking for it with great attention in the exams carried out in the last seven days.

Doctor can we say that the variant is already in Italy?
“No. Officially we are still in the situation of a few months ago. We had the case of a cluster that developed in a nursing home in Bagnacavallo, in which a virus slightly different from what we expected was found but, from the sequences , it does not seem to be Ay4.2. For now we cannot say anything different. Obviously we cannot deny the signs that tell us that something is changing but having not found confirmation yet, everything remains unchanged. It must also be said that sequencing the virus and analyzing a sequence to understand how different it is from the prototype is not very easy and it takes time and care. However, we are working to understand the situation more fully. “

We are concerned about the situation in England. Do we have to think that what is happening to them will also happen to us?
“I would say no. In England, scientists are seeing that there are some viruses that are moving more than others but the meaning is still unclear. Viruses are absolutely unpredictable. But it is hazardous to say that what is happening there, namely the 50,000 cases of infected people a day, soon to happen here too because the situations between England and Italy are different. They have used a different vaccination strategy from ours and especially since 19 July they no longer use spacers and masks. The data tell us that in England something went wrong. Do you want it to be the way they vaccinated, that is to say everyone the first dose and then after 4/6 months the second, or the lack of precautions, but the cases of contagion from they are 50 thousand, from us 3 thousand “.

E in Russia?
“Even what is happening in Russia is worrying. Just in these days they have declared 1000 deaths a day. And Estonia has closed. It is in lockdown. I do not want to be Cassandra but surely these are all situations that tell us to stay with the eyes wide open, to check very well even in Italy how things are proceeding so as not to find themselves in trouble suddenly. It is true that in the countries mentioned, including England, the precautionary measures have been practically canceled while in Italy they have not. I think it is really important to make people understand how important it is to maintain the measures adopted so far, ie mask, distance, hand washing “.

Are the numbers growing here too?
“Yes. Last week we were around 50/70 cases in the province. Now we have been around 120 for two days. Two days don’t mean much, but if for a week the trend grows or remains above 100 cases a day, then we must begin to understand why “.



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