AMD, the new chipset driver solves all the problems found with Windows 11

AMD, the new chipset driver solves all the problems found with Windows 11
AMD, the new chipset driver solves all the problems found with Windows 11

The launch of Windows 11 has created many headaches for users with AMD processor: due to some defects in the operating system, in fact, users of the Californian company’s processors they found themselves with very slow performance.

Two, in particular, the problems identified. Owners of AMD processors who have installed Windows 11 have indeed noticed an increase in L3 cache latency up to three times, resulting in up to 5% decrease in overall performance and up to 15% with gaming.

It was then taken over the inability to route threads to the faster core of a Zen 3 or Zen 2 processor. The technology used to indicate to the operating system the core that, during normal operation, reaches the highest boost frequencies – it is called “Preferred Core” – was unable to perform its task.

The update Windows 11 KB5006746 fixes the L3 cache issue

In these hours AMD has communicated complete troubleshooting, thanks to the joint release of a Windows 11 update and a new chipset driver.

Specifically, the Windows 11 update KB5006746 resolves, among other things, all the problems related to increasing the latency of the L3 cache. The update has been available since yesterday through Windows Update and on the Microsoft website

The new version of the AMD chipset driver solves CPPC2 and power plan issues

The release of the new version of the chipset drivers instead it solves the problems related to the “Preferred Core” and to the UEFI CPPC2 interface (Collaborative Power and Performance Control 2).

The new driver version is, and can be downloaded from the AMD official website. In addition to the problem related to the “Preferred Core”, the driver also restores the ability to choose the AMD Ryzen balanced power plan for computers with AMD Zen + or Zen 2 processors. With the installation of Windows 11, in fact, the possibility of selecting that specific energy plan had disappeared.


AMD chipset driver solves problems Windows

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