Golf tourism boom, Italy with Enit ready for Igtm 2022 – Evasioni

Golf tourism boom, Italy with Enit ready for Igtm 2022 – Evasioni
Golf tourism boom, Italy with Enit ready for Igtm 2022 – Evasioni

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 22 – Italy and Rome are ready to host the next international meeting of the IGTM in 2022 and in view of the Ryder Cup 2023. Enit for Italy has strongly wanted, in synergy with the Italian Golf Federation, Lazio Region and Rome and Lazio Convention Bureau and Fiera di Roma, the arrival in the country of the most important international golf tourism promotion event scheduled this year at Celtic Manor Resort in Newport (Wales, United Kingdom ) where the National Tourism Agency put 180 buyers in contact with hundreds of sellers and local authorities.

“The pandemic has revolutionized the way of thinking of the tourist who is looking for experiences linked to the territorial experience and to deep experiences and in contact with nature. Having Igtm in Italy and in Rome is an unmissable opportunity. Golf tourism is a competitive sector which contributes to Italy’s positioning in the international tourism scenario. The event has already proven to contribute to increasing the tourism GDP of the host countries. It is destined to grow by 5.36 billion dollars in the period 2020-2024, post COVID- 19 “declared the President of Enit Giorgio Palmucci.

According to the statistics of the European Golf Association (EGA), there are about 1,400 golf facilities in the European Mediterranean countries, of which 170 are located on the coast, 73 in Spain, 33 in Portugal, 25 in Italy, 19 in France, 12 in Turkey. In Italy there are 90,229 golfers in the 386 golf courses (of which 140 at least 18 holes). 104 Golf Clubs are defined by the FIG (Italian Golf Federation) with a tourist vocation. Golf ranks 5th among the sports marketed on the international tourism intermediation markets to Italy (14.4%) after cycling (36.1%), skiing (25.8%), trekking (24 , 7%) and calcium. There are 1.8 million appearances linked to golf tourism, (3.9 million appearances considering those who stayed in Italy for other reasons but played golf during their vacation). For the sports holiday in Italy, foreigners spend more between February and April, 35.3% of the total. Total spending finds its peak in the summer months: around 38.0% between July and September. (HANDLE).



Golf tourism boom Italy Enit ready Igtm Evasioni

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