A petition to cancel Squid Game

The so-called “cancel culture” strikes again: some people worry about minors have decided to publish a petition for cancellare Squid Game, the South Korean series distributed exclusively on Netflix. In their opinion, the series is too violent for the little ones, but they shouldn’t even watch it, since Netflix suggests watching the series only to those over 14 years old. But let’s try to better understand what is happening.

The petition for cancellare Squid Game

There are those who consider their children only their own responsibility, but there are also those who believe that

a social and collective responsibility is necessary and not just individual and family responsibility to control what can be seen by minors“,

as stated in one of the comments on the petition itself, which was made known by ANSA. The petition stems from several reports (we do not know the actual number) received by the Carolina Onlus Foundation, born in memory of Carolina Picchio, a young girl victim of cyberbullying who, for this reason, took her own life. Some parents have in fact complained of at least bizarre behavior of their children or their companions.

My son beat up his little friend while playing Squid Game”. “My daughter threw her backpack outside the classroom window because she lost to Squid Game, she doesn’t want to leave the house anymore“. “My kids weren’t invited to their partner’s party, because they don’t want to play Squid Game“. These are some of the statements of parents worried about the vision of their films in the series.

These reports prompted the Carolina Onlus Foundation to open a petition to ask for cancellare Squid Game. The petition also states that Netflix has suggested watching Squid Game to adults over the age of 14, yet those who opened the petition believe that this is not enough, since the series is also popular among the little ones. In this regard, Ivano Zoppi, secretary of the Carolina Onlus Foundation, in fact states:

We might as well ask ourselves if it really still makes sense to indicate an age limit for viewing a content“.

In the petition for cancellare Squid Game we read that the same

it is not a censorship act, but responds to the need for cope with the defeat of parental controls and the crisis of parenthood“.

Again, therefore, a private company is asked to censor its own content to address the shortcomings of those parents who are unable to control the activities of their children. Furthermore, the phrase “it is not a censorship act“Is in stark contrast to the following statement by Zoppi, cited in the text of the petition itself to cancel Squid Game, which you can find in full here:

At this point, the only possible solution seems to be the old school censorship. Someone will turn up their noses, but now it seems the only possible tool to defend the principle of safety of minors“.

At the time of this writing, the petition for cancellare Squid Game it has reached about 1930 signatures of 2500 (refreshing the page numbers vary, sometimes showing lower figures than previously seen). Once 2500 signatures are reached, simply the petition itself for cancellare Squid Game it will have more media coverage.

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