ACI Rally Italia Talent warms up for the penultimate selection

ACI Rally Italia Talent warms up for the penultimate selection
ACI Rally Italia Talent warms up for the penultimate selection

The preliminary stages of ACI Rally Italia Talent 2021 are now in the home straight. In fact, from Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 October the penultimate local selection of this exciting season dedicated to engines will take place in Veneto and which, despite the persistent health emergency, has registered an extraordinary number of registrations.

Sold out is also expected for the casting scheduled in the next few days, which will have the Pista Azzurra in Jesolo (VE) as its theater, a state-of-the-art facility where Rally Italia Talent lands for the second time. The aspiring rally drivers from the North East will compete on the track that rises a few steps from the sea aboard the Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid, Official Car of the event, to conquer the passage to the next stages.

The national finals will therefore decide the winners of the various categories provided for by the Regulations, who will then be able to participate for free in races valid for the ACI Sport Championships or Trophies as drivers or as official navigators of the ACI Rally Italia Talent Team.

On the hunt for the rally drivers of tomorrow

Since 2014, the format invented by Renzo Magnani and sponsored by ACI Sport has fulfilled the racing dream of many motorsport lovers. Over the years, Rally Italia Talent has proved to be a real factory of champions and there are many former “rittini” who have distinguished themselves in competitions both on an Italian and international level.

Suzuki is enthusiastic and proud to support the Organization in the search for the most talented people and in the training of the young drivers of tomorrow, also making them aware of those values ​​of loyalty and sportiness that have always characterized the commitment of the Hamamatsu company in competitions.

In addition to evaluating the candidates, the internationally renowned rally drivers that make up the RIT staff give valuable advice to improve driving and make it more effective and safe, on the track as in everyday road situations.

A chance for everyone

The event dedicated to engines is not only reserved for budding rally drivers. If on the one hand it allows 14-year-olds to take their first steps behind the wheel on cars with dual controls with the ACI Talent +14 project and admits to the selections anyone who is at least 16 years old (minors must present a release signed by their parents), from another classifications ready to enhance and reward each candidate: ranging from Young for the Under 16 to the Over 35, passing the various Under 18, Under 23, Under 35, Female, Licensed Aci Sport and Non Licensiati.

With the Rally Italia Talent Ability initiative, from 2020 a further ranking has been created for people with disabilities in the lower limbs, who can face all the dynamic tests thanks to a Suzuki Swift with robotic gearbox modified by the Piedmontese HandyTech with special controls. .

Swift Sport Hybrid, the essence of driving

As in all the other ACI Rally Italia Talent 2021 events, in Jesolo the star of the track will be Swift Sport Hybrid. Since its debut in the list, the Hamamatsu hybrid hot hatch has been chosen as the Official Car of Rally Italia Talent as it was considered the ideal car to bring out the skills of the drivers.

With a mass in running order of 1,020 kg, an output of 129 hp and a maximum torque of 235 Nm constant between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm, the Swift Sport Hybrid has weight / power and weight / torque ratios among the best in the category.

The Hamamatsu compact thus guarantees exceptional maneuverability and immediate reactions to every command. These qualities are highly appreciated by both beginners, who can improve their sensitivity and control capacity with this Suzuki, and by more experienced riders, who can have fun and have a satisfying feeling of total mastery.

The integration between the Swift Sport Hybrid and the driver is also favored by a rich and complete standard equipment, in line with the Suzuki philosophy “All standard, no surprises”. The equipment includes, for example, all the most advanced ADAS assistance systems that create level 2 autonomous driving.

The “shoulder guard” device, for example, monitors blind spots and opposes lane changes in the presence of other vehicles, while the one called “vaipure” monitors the surrounding environment when reversing.

Among other things, standard systems are also “occhioallimite “(recognition of road signs),” attentofrena “(automatic emergency braking with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists),” guidadritto “(active maintenance of the lane) and “Stay awake” (monitoring of sleep strokes and pilot distraction).

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