now he is “in a good mood” –

now he is “in a good mood” –
now he is “in a good mood” –

According to the official version, she was also held overnight in the hospital for practical reasons only. He does not suffer from any particular health problems, apart from some back and knee pain. But he had to give up the evening martini

LONDON – How is the queen really? The rumors about the health of Elisabetta they chase each other in London, after yesterday evening it emerged that the sovereign had spent the night between Wednesday and Thursday in hospital. Officially Elizabeth in a good mood and has already returned to Windsor to leaf through the documents in the red briefcase, a prerogative of the Crown. But it is clear that the court doctors have adopted an attitude of extreme precaution: after all, we are talking about a 95-year-old lady who never allowed herself a moment’s rest in her career.

The alarm bell had sounded Wednesday
, when Elizabeth canceled a long-planned visit to Northern Ireland at the last minute – which was quite unusual. The doctors had recommended a few days of rest, after having attended as many as 19 official engagements in October and had received a group of investors in Windsor on Tuesday evening, standing and shaking hands for almost an hour. Therefore, for an excess of caution, Elizabeth was sent to hospital in London on Wednesday for preliminary examinations, after the first symptoms of a cold had appeared. And according to the official story she was held there even at night only for practical reasons, as it was too late to take her back to Windsor.

In general, the queen does not suffer from any particular health problemsapart from some back and knee pain. But lately she has had to make some concessions to her undoubtedly venerable age: this month she was seen walking in public leaning on a stick for the first time and it was learned that, on medical advice, she gave up the habit of the evening martini cocktail.

But when it comes to humor, she remains indomitable:she just turned down the Elder of the Year award, explaining that everyone has the age they feel and that she does not consider herself old at all. And to tell the truth, in recent months Elisabetta had appeared in great shape, despite mourning the loss of her husband Philip in April. At the G7 in June in Cornwall she had eclipsed world leaders with her verve and last week she had also allowed herself Greta-style climate talks: in short, in the twilight of her reign, the sovereign seems to have conquered that lightness of spirit which she had had to abdicate since her accession to the throne.

Now everyone is waiting for her in Glasgow for COP26, the UN Conference on the environment at the beginning of November: and it is probable that she has been given a little rest just in view of that appointment. But there is no doubt that Elizabeth will have to reduce her efforts, because next year the great celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee, that is, its 70 years of reign, await it. A milestone that he intends to cut in splendid health.

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