Great Britain, anxiety for Queen Elizabeth: night in the hospital

Great Britain, anxiety for Queen Elizabeth: night in the hospital
Great Britain, anxiety for Queen Elizabeth: night in the hospital

Hours of anxiety in Britain for Queen Elizabeth. The sovereign, 95, spent the night between Wednesday and Thursday in the hospital, according to the delayed announcement made by Buckingham Palace, which yesterday had limited itself to making it known how she had had to give up a visit to Northern Ireland on the categorical recommendation of her doctors, who had in fact forced her to indulge “some day of rest.

The announcement was made in calming terms, after Her Majesty had already returned to Windsor Castle. But the reference to unspecified medical examinations or checks to which the august patient would have undergone in hospital for apparently precautionary purposes cannot fail to arouse concern in the subjects: all the more so against the background of the new surge in the United Kingdom of infections from Covid – an infection against which the monarch was vaccinated – and the feeling of a certain fatigue recently reflected in the images of some of the many public engagements she returned to devote herself to after the summer, with the usual dedication to the crown and the Kingdom, not without being forced to lean on a support stick for the first time in some movements. Completely unprecedented aid for her, except for a short period following a knee injury dating back to about fifteen years ago.
“Following the medical advice to rest for a few days – reads the brief statement released tonight by a spokeswoman for the royal palace to the media – the Queen entered the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to undergo preliminary (diagnostic) investigations. She returned to the Castle of Windsor lunchtime today and stay in good spirits. “

According to what was learned by the British agency PA, the short hospitalization would have been decided in effect for “practical reasons”, in order to allow the monarch to undergo the checks or examinations deemed necessary. And Elizabeth II – awaited by many new burdensome commitments in the near future, up to the preparations for the Platinum Jubilee for her 70th anniversary on the throne, which falls in 2022 – would have already resumed her place at her work table in the afternoon to dedicate herself even to some “light” institutional commitment.
Apart from the Covid emergency, the last few months have been particularly hard for the queen, tried above all by the loss of Prince consort Philip: her companion and pillar of a life, who died almost a centenary in the spring.

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Great Britain anxiety Queen Elizabeth night hospital

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