Smart working in the PA, the guidelines of the ministry after returning to work

A test for the next contracts

The Guidelines, it was said, “anticipate” the content of the contracts which, as Brunetta has again indicated, the government aims to sign by the end of the year. Also because the texts under discussion concern 2019/21, so next year we will have to start over. The agreement on ministries, fiscal agencies and non-economic public bodies (the “Central Functions”) is on the eve of the decisive phase, and on the legal part, such as the one concerning agile work, will establish the general rules that will also be taken up in the other sectors.

There is basically a double track under construction for working out of the office. The actual smart working, summarize the incoming Guidelines, will be carried out “without a time constraint within the maximum daily and weekly hours provided for by national contracts”, with a “inoperability band” that will guarantee the right to disconnect in the 11 consecutive hours of rest guaranteed by the contractual rules. The agile worker is guaranteed the possibility of using the various forms of hourly permits, but the allowances for overtime, travel, risk or hardship will not be recognized.

All this, however, is only possible with a precise system of individual objectives. Alternatively, “remote work” will be possible, which changes the location of the business (home or coworking spaces instead of the office) but not the typical obligations of presence, starting from the time. In any case, there will not be only remote workers, but the model will be hybrid with the presence in the office.

To guide the reorganization in the Municipalities, Anci has published the Operational Notebook which, among other things, offers standard models for the request of agile work and for individual agreement.

The models also identify a series of categories of election for smart working, including pregnant workers, on maternity leave or in the following three years, workers with handicapped family members, the frail and those who live in a municipality other than that where he works. In the individual agreements, the “objective sheets” are then provided, with an indication of the tasks to be carried out, their breakdown over the months and the amount to be covered in the course of agile work.

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