Extortion to betting agency, six arrests in the Strisciuglio clan in San Pio 22 October 2021: the names

“Extortion continued in competition” with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method: with this accusation six alleged affiliates of the Strisciuglio clan (of the group active in the San Pio district) were arrested this morning in Bari by the carabinieri of the provincial command.


The suspects are accused of having addressed a double extortion request to the owner of a betting agency in the center of Bari, who would have been ordered to pay sums of money also as payment of “expenses” incurred by the suspects, such as legal fees or those for the confirmation of the daughter of one of the arrested. The investigations began in January 2021 with the trader’s complaint.

The suspects

– CATACCHIO Vito Antonio, 37, known as “Carota” or “U russ” already detained;

– CATACCHIO Oronzo, 45, meaning “Renzo” or “Enzo”

– SEBASTIANO Luca Antonio, 42, known as “Patana”;

– FISH Lorenzo, 30 years old;

– MAGRINI Leonardo, 46 ​​years old, meant “Dino”;

– PROPHET Cosimo, 34 years old.


Extortion betting agency arrests Strisciuglio clan San Pio October names

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